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  • Helllooooo, new female character! Stronger and more beautiful than anyone else, eh? Well, I have an Adelheid bias so I can't say I agree with that right off the bat, but damn, I'm interested in learning more.
  • "What's in that pocket watch, Tsuna? The blood of innocent children?" "No, it's an old picture of the Primo family!" "WHAT? GET OUT!" That Tsuna, such a jokester! What a sense of humor on that kid.
  • Better be careful, Tsuna. First you're calling her beautiful and then the next thing you know you find out she's your great-grandmother or something. Don't get all Star Wars on us now!
  • OH MY GOD HE'S STILL ALIVE?! But... the dead tag! It never lies! Oh my God, what have I done??
  • Is he going to tell us his sad story of woe while he's lying there dying? AMANO YOU BITCH. This isn't Star Wars, this is Severus fucking Snape, God damn it. MY WEAKNESSSSS.
  • Seriously, if he requests to look into Tsuna's eyes before he dies, I'll... something.
  • And now he has this wistful gentle dying face, and it's like Amano has no idea what you're talking about when you remind her about the torso eye and hip mouth from last week. WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN. HE WAS ALWAYS A NICE PERSON, JUST MISUNDERSTOOD. The horrible thing is that whenever she does use Flashback, it IS super effective, and I have to sit here typing up insane rambles to remind myself that this guy IS the dickiest of the dicks, and to STAY STRONG DAMMIT.
  • Lol, he really was head over heels I guess. Barely a couple of word bubbles into the description and already he's comparing her to the sun and the moon. WHAT LIGHT THROUGH YONDER WINDOW BREAKS.
  • This must be a misleading angle, there's no way Giotto is really that tall.
  • Wow. So they fixed Italy, huh? Just... fixed it. The whole damn thing. Now that is a modest claim that I totally believe.
  • fffffffff holy shit what Daemon is blushing?! This calls for more question marks and exclamation points than I could ever possibly hope to type in my lifetime! JUST ASSUME THEY'RE THERE. UNSPOKEN, BUT THERE.
  • "I think that's your pride, Daemon." Okay, I totally took that line to be gentle chastising in much the same vein as the bullet point I just wrote two points above. Elena, my fondness for you is rising!
  • Huh, seems we have a little Anakin Skywalker let's-protect-and-rule-over-the-people-for-their-own-good ego trip thing going on here. So it is Star Wars after all.
  • I wonder if Tsuna is going to end up taking this "too much pacifism is a bad thing when it means we leave our loved ones vulnerable" message to heart or not. I'm still looking for some way to bring this whole arc around full circle and have it end with Tsuna making a decision on the whole Vongola Tenth thing once and for all.
  • Wow, Spade, you really took those last words and warped the everloving fuck out of them, didn't you there? "A Vongola whose mere name makes you tremble!" Yes, and in the process let's be sure to slaughter lots of innocents on our path down that road! This is completely logical and makes sense and is definitely 100% what she would have wanted and there's no way that if ghost!Elena were ever to show up (and this is KHR so not only is it possible, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's more unlikely for it NOT to happen) that she would be in any way appalled and horrified at all these nice actions you've performed in her memory.
  • "In reality, the Vongola I made wasn't all wrong. Just mostly wrong. And the parts that were right were kind of tainted and ugly-feeling. Actually, scratch that, yes, it was actually pretty fucked up."
  • "Daemon, I wonder if there's a possibility that Elena wouldn't have wanted that!" "WHAT? *HEAD FUCKING EXPLODES*"
  • And once again, Tsuna is forced into the position of telling people common sense things about playing nice and not becoming the very thing you were trying to stop and blah blah blah. You silly villains, you just never think these things through, do you?
  • While this is kind of a nice thing, I guess, Tsuna being kind to his fallen opponent in his last moments, I still can't help but feel that if Elena really is grateful to Spade for what he's done in her name, she is either as batfuck insane as he is, or she too is being awfully sarcastic.
  • Awww. But okay, that's really too much. Tsuna, don't say "Daemon!" like OH NO, HE FINALLY DIED, HOW AWFUL. Too nice, child! You are too nice for your own good! In the future, Gokudera will have to accompany you everywhere just to make sure you don't hand over your entire life savings to the first panhandler you run into on the street! PAOLO DOESN'T NEED ANY MORE WALLETS.
  • Okay, Reborn's daddy moment is actually making me really wibbly inside so I will stop with the dry remarks for two seconds and have a sincere appreciative <3 <3 <3 moment instead. <33333
  • Lol, Tsuna, well at least that's one person who you probably won't have to feel too guilty about disappointing if you do screw things up!
  • EVERYONE! I'm almost 90 percent sure he really is dead this time! I know that's what I said the last half dozen times, but this time I'm telling you, I really have a good feeling about it!
  • So farewell, Daemon Spade, and don't feel too proud or anything that Tsuna ended up liking you, he likes everyon--
  • Lambo, Yamamoto, if you don't stop being wonderful, kind, forgiving people you are going to make me cry or something! You little bastards! It is not good for my heart to love you this much.
  • Okay, but Chrome crying over Spade finding peace is just too much. CHROME, HONEY, SERIOUSLY, FUCK THAT GUY. Just... smh.
  • On a positive note, wounded lying-down Mukuro is deliriously hot and almost makes up for the fact that just like that, Owlkuro is no more than a memory and we shall never see him again. Here I was all set to write AU fic with him delivering parcels to wizards.
  • OH NO IT'S FOREBODING BERMUDA ARRIVING WITH HIS STANDARD ABUSE-OF-THE-PREVIOUSLY-UNKNOWN-EIGHTH-SKY-FLAME FLOURISH. AND HE HAS ONE FINAL THING HE NEEDS TO TELL US. Well, I guess we've got our cliffhanger for the next week, but in the meantime, I gotta say, Spade's flowery demise aside, everything is pretty damn swell. |D

    P.S. so on Saturday my sis was caller number 7 to 102.7 Fresh FM and won tickets to the NYC premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (PART 2!!), and then on Monday we totally fucking WENT to that premiere, baby, we went there and we SAW that movie, dudes. We saw the shit out of it. AND IT WAS AMAAAAAAAZINNNG and I really should just do a whole separate post on that but it was one of those things where I just have so many ~feelings~ about it that I'm not really sure how to put it into words. But probably maybe I will make a post about it in a day or so with pictures and lots of capslocking about how HOLY SHIT I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM WITH RUPERT GRINT EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE LIKE A THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE THERE, *FAINT*. For now, though, I just had to mention it because it would be pretty ridiculous if the most interesting thing that has happened to me in like years just came and went and the next day all I posted about was KHR.

    Though in fairness, seriously! WHY IS IT OUT ON A TUESDAY. ?? Well, whatever.

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It's out on a Tuesday because Binktopia wants to shut out everyone else with their scans. ^^;;;; I'm still waiting for IEM though.

But there goes the prison-break arc some people wanted.

The backstory was given in a massive info-dump, like Amano's editor wanted it out of the way already so they can finish this arc. (Which is a good thing, I was already stepping away from KHR because of Spade's, or Mukuro's, weirdness.)

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Lol, it's like that, eh? Well, if this weird little competition is encouraging the teams to do better and faster scanations, I can't really complain. I'll still check out IEM's as well but it's great to have MS's out so early.

And I kind of figured the prison break arc was a wash as soon as Tsuna made the deal with the Vindice way back when, so I've made my peace with it. Still is kind of a shame, though. I hope one day someone gets inspired to write AU fic just cuz.

And Amano's flashbacks have been rushed since the end of the Future Arc (actually, Byakuran's dying flashback made Spade's seem downright leisurely in comparison), so I'm used to that by now too, I guess. I actually wasn't bothered by that at all. I definitely agree with you about Spade, though. Not sorry at all to see him gone! Now we can move on to Vindice plotstuffs and hopefully more lovely reunion scenes before the next arc comes along and we start the dance all over again. |D

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Indeed, the possibility that FINALLY we'll be told what we need to know about Reborn, Hibari's parents and family, Yamamoto's mother, where did that guy in your icon suddenly go.

I do suspect that while there's an over-arching outline, Amano is making this up as she goes. That there really is no rhyme or reason to much of this. (facepalm) One of the disadvantages of the weekly-release comic, in contrast to the monthly-release comic: not enough time to properly think things through, plan it out, and make it happen.

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Yeah, I agree that she's making a lot of it up on the fly. But she does have an encouraging habit of setting things up and then not touching them for months or even years, and then suddenly bringing them back and using them as kick-off points for new plots. She did it with Shouichi and then with Spade, so I'm hoping that we'll see more of that in the future. She has several nice little mysteries waiting to be unwrapped--the Cervello, Kawahira, Byakuran's sudden mysterious case of niceness, and of course the Vindice (although she might go to work on that one as early as the next chapter)--so we'll see if she finally gets to any of them. Because on the other hand, she also has a discouraging habit of not picking up some of the plot threads more recently and just forgetting about them altogether, so I hope that won't turn out to be the case for any of the characters I just mentioned. XD

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I guess this chapter was a big disappointment to some and a great thing to others. I, for one, admit fully to it being cliched and cheesy and kind of rushed but still loved it all the same. If not for the new canon het ship that is SO RARE in KHR and for the last couple of pages with all my BBys.

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I actually liked the chapter a lot aside from all of the inexplicable NO, NOT OUR SPADE! YOU CAN'T LET OUR SPADE DIE! WHY GOD WHY that our heroes were doing toward the end. XD But aside from that, we had flashbacky goodness, finally got a motive for Spade's dastardly actions even if it just proved beyond the shadow of the doubt that he wildly overreacted and is still a Terrible Person, and most importantly, finally got a reunion scene between all the characters we tearfully left behind earlier in the arc. Thumbs up to all of that. :Db

And also just wanted to note that canon het ships aren't all that uncommon, actually, it's just that no one in fandom ever really seems to pay attention to them. I mean, we've got Lal and Colonnello, TYL!Ryohei and TYL!Hana, Julie and Adelheid, and now Daemon and Elena, and those are just the ones that are confirmed and aren't just one-sided. I don't think it's the het that's uncommon so much as the canon romance in general. Amano doesn't focus on it all that much; she mostly just sticks to the subtext and lets the fans take care of the rest (because after all, we are damn good at that).

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I will never forgive Spade, and's not really there either...I suppose what I felt in those flashback panels was "well, fate sure is cruel!", and I enjoyed those little faces he makes with Elena, it tickles my shipper heart. Other than that, he was still a dick.

HOMG MY SIMON AND VONGOLA BBs I LOVE ALL OF YOU ALL OF YOU I LOVE. Hmm ok. I love Kouyou holding up Ryohei, I love Julie holding up Enma. I love Chrome and Mukuro and Tsuna going up to them like saying "you're a part of my family too". It was all just a touching scene and I missed it so, so much.

I guess canon het ships aren't uncommon...but it's not this in-your-face all the time. On the other hand, Amano sure loves to club me over the head with Enma/Tsuna and Cozart/Giotto. SPEAKING OF WHICH the primos should reeeeaally show their faces soon. Preferably next chapter.

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I didn't even read this post or chapter but wait.
Let me get this straight.
You were in NYC.
On Monday.
And I did not know.
*c r i e s*

(though you probably didn't stay for much after the movie and such and it's not like i would have ~*found*~ or anything but damnit)

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Lol, sorry! XD For what it's worth, this was a pretty last-minute thing. She won the tickets Saturday night, we spent Sunday shopping for clothes to wear and then rewatching the first film, and then Monday afternoon that was it and we were there.

However! I actually live only a 40-minute bus drive away from Port Authority, so the next time I am back in NYC I can let you know first if you want? (So were you one of the thousands in Lincoln Center Monday? There were SO MANY PEOPLE there, holy shit. But that really is fffff if you were there and I didn't even know orz!) <3

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Pffft nah it's okay! And I'm just as guilty because I was in Jersey on Sunday at IEKA *SHOT* It just really would have been cool if I ran into you but I don't even know what you look like *cries* So that would have been unlikely anyway.

And I wasn't actually there for the premier, but I have a summer program pretty close to Lincoln Center that I go to Monday-Wednesday (I go to school pretty close too). I'm surprised I missed all of the crowds (probably wasn't close enough, don't know if that's a good or bad thing now sob) but yeah.

And speaking of that summer program, I will actually comment about the chapter and such after I come home from that (and Jesus THAT was a chapter *o*) so be back later!

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Elena is so beautiful♥ B-but I find her appearance... random. Lacking.
I actually laughed when Spade was looking all ~gentle and about to die~ and said those words *sigh* I knew it, I'll never, ever forgive him *_*

In the future, Gokudera will have to accompany you everywhere just to make sure you don't hand over your entire life savings to the first panhandler you run into on the street!
YES THIS. I can imagine Tsuna randomly making friends with the enemies with Dera going all "But tenth!" on the side♥ The image makes me smile :D

The first part of the chapter was just WTF to me, but then everyone suddenly appeared♥ Lambo and Rauji are the cutest things ever♥

"I have one final thing I need to tell you... The Simon and the Vongola family can now merge and be happy. Oh and invite us to the wedding" *insert party baloons here* Oh if only.

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Oh damnit. "Amano used FLASHBACK! It is VERY EFFECTIVE!"
Crap. I actually think Daemon is pretty awesomely misunderstood. And stupid. Mostly the stupid part, really. But not too bad.
....I think I need to read the past few chapters to refresh my memory. I mean, maybe she'll dig up an awesome backstory for Byakuran and then I'll like him too. AND THEN WHAT?

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The primo suddenly went insane... HE STARTED TO SAY THINGS THAT MADE LOGICAL SENSE. Sure, it went badly in the end, but wasn't he right? They DID start fighting for themselves, turning into warmongers and dictators!

I knew the girl was someone who wouldn't appreciate the finer points of Daemon's wonderful gesture. Pshaw.

At the same time, Tsuna and his cohorts are pretty much equivalent to a freaking army, so I don't think it's too troublesome for him to be a pacifist and dismantle the family into its barebone foundations eventually.

By this point I can't help being convinced that Hyper Intuition is just a fancy name for common fucking sense.

And everyone is BACK! Gokudera and Yamamoto's poses are hilarious, really. XDD And so they MINGLE HAPPILY LIKE A MINGLING THING, JUST MINGLING ABOUT ALL MINGLY-LIKE. I love how Lambo just hugs Large like nothing ever happened. Large, you damn well better express the FUCK out of your regret. YOU HIT A KID.

You know what I foresee? A veeeery long hospital stay for both Mukuro and Tsuna, and maybe Enma as well (though he's not the one with broken bones all over).

LOL I haven't watched a harry potter movie since my aunt lent me a horrid bootleg of Order of the Phoenix... :(

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Oh Spade....I hate it when your stupid backstory kinda in a way makes sense.............until you realize how far he fucking took it! *sigh* this is why love is a very powerful drug children... *cough* TSUNA, LEARN FROM THIS SARGENT PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND-JACKET-MAN! Lest Kyoko should nearly be killed and all hell break loose....

BERMUDA SHORTS MY MAN...WHAT THE EFF IS SO FRIGGIN' IMPORTANT?! And don't give us no bull crap about it being one "final thing" cuz dammit man it's just gonna raise more questions!!

BTW...i heard the ending was different in the movie.....then again that's assuming you read the book, which you might not have....whatevs~!

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So I finally caught up with this manga... I think if I had only one thing to say about this whole arc it would be MUKUROOOOOO
But since I can comment on other things besides MUKUROOOOOO --
I don't hate this Elena development but I do think her existence should have been foreshadowed or something. Maybe she has something to do with Bermuda/the eight flame and so her introduction would serve as more than this out of left field 'D. Spade's lover died and made him bitter HE IS NOT REALLY A MONSTER I SWEAR' thing. But I guess it'll also be okay if she's just...that. :\

torso eye and hip mouth
Surprisingly, this is the only thing that made me go 'what is this manga' throughout the whole arc.

BUT LOLLL Daemon totally strikes me as the type to recite Shakespeare THIS IS NOW MY PERSONAL CANON.

there's no way Giotto is really that tall.
This manga is Bongore Vongola propaganda.

Whenever a character blushes it's like "...dammit now I have to remember why I'm not supposed to like you!" Seriously, how could he look so moe what is this.

INORITE HOW IS ANYTHING DAEMON SPADE HAS DONE OKAY ON ANY LEVEL Q_Q though, this reminds me of Dumbledore/Grindelwald and how LOVE BLINDS.

I still can't help but feel that if Elena really is grateful to Spade for what he's done in her name, she is either as batfuck insane as he is, or she too is being awfully sarcastic.

MUKURO IS ALWAYS HOT, OKAY...But I guess he's even more so when Tsuna and Enma had just beaten him up |D I'm so happy Mukuro was actually THERE and everything though, even if he was an owl and Deamon Spade kept licking his body and growing eyes everywhere afdkjhasdlhadslg T_______T

Here I was all set to write AU fic with him delivering parcels to wizards.
That sounds amazing.


NYC PREMIERE AFLKASDGLK RUPERT GRINT ASFLKHSADGLKHSLKHSGfdADLSGLAKSDH I am completely jealous and yes you should post all about it, how can you not want to recount such gloriousness ;____;