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KHR 347


1. Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to another episode of "Posing For Cover Shots But None of Us Are Actually Looking At The Camera!" Today's episode features the Varia who are clearly OLD PROS. In particular I would like to point out Belphegor, who is SO GOOD I am actually not sure if he is looking at the camera or not! Damn him! So good.

2. So this particular chapter that we are examining here opens with Mammon taking a bath, and then suddenly, OWL MAIL. As always, the owl refuses to use a door because FUCK DOORS.

HEY MAMMON ARE YOU A GIRL OR A DUDE ANYWAY. We never did get clarification on that... and it seems that Amano is in no hurry to stop teasing us anytime soon. Ah, well.

Anyway, clearly Mammon's gender and that hopelessly shattered window are secondary issues here, so let's get back to that mysterious letter. Apparently it is a secret Arcobaleno letter that only Arcobaleno can read and only when they shine their pacifiers on it. Just like those Arcos to have secret letters like this, isn't it? If there is anything the Arcobaleno like even more than being elite, it's being magical and mysterious. Letters like these are probably their favorite hobby.

3. Anyway, Mammon takes a moment to get all riled up about the letter, and then Bel pops in. "Why are you entering my room without permission?" I don't know, Mammon, maybe it has something to do with that loud crash everyone heard about thirty seconds ago that sounded an awful lot like a window just being senselessly smashed to pieces. Or there's an emergency meeting or something, whatever.

4. "We've already finished the herb roasted lamb." True story: When I was typing this out just now, I not just once, but TWICE typed it out as "lambo." I have no idea what to make of this fact.

"Captain Squalo has something to say." DOESN'T HE ALWAYS, LOL BURN get it it's funny because he's loud ha ha okay I'll shut up.

Squalo, who incidentally is looking pretty fiercely hot there on page five, informs everyone that it's time to scout a new candidate for their group, and everyone is like, "WHAT" but it turns out to just be Fran, which in retrospect shouldn't have been that surprising at all! But apparently Squalo is the only one who took more than two seconds to give a shit about anything that happened in their memories from the Future Arc, possibly because Squalo is the only character Amano took more than two seconds to give a shit about during said arc! Or, such is my theory.

5. An alternate theory is that they did take notice but simply chose not to take action because they all kind of hate Fran actually, which is just as plausible.

6. Anyway, somehow a food fight gets started and Mammon gets food on his letter because KHR is dumb like that, and not even the Varia are immune to the phenomenon known only as Daily Life. Because of said phenomenon, the letter is rendered unreadable, because out of all the motivations Mammon could have possibly had to go on the mission that is about to ensue (henceforth referred to as "Operation: Fran"), this is obviously the one and only one Amano was ever going to go with. XD

7. Fortunately for Mammon, Fran coincidentally lives in that exact one spot in France where Arco pacifiers can be recharged! Sweet.

Incidentally, this bottom left panel here is one of my all-time favorites, just because. VARIA FIRST CLASS. That is just one of those things where this world is a better place due to this panel existing.

I would also just like to say that the twist that we all know is coming (since we all read this chapter two months ago), I TOTALLY SAW COMING THE FIRST TIME I READ THIS because seriously, what. The entire time I was reading this page I was like, who the fuck is this guy that they are all talking about because the Fran that I remember was just a guy in a big hat who made wisecracks and got knifes stuck in him a lot. Not this ALL-POWERFUL MASTER OF ILLUSION that they keep describing, lol what.

8. Fran's adorable grandmother says he is playing upstream, so the Varia head up there, complaining a bit about having to walk instead of fly first class, and then a hilarious conversation ensues about hey just what the heck does Fran actually look like under that giant hat, anyway?? And then they come across the world's most kickass and picturesque (at the same time, even! somehow!!) waterfall, and make some comments about how it's "not bad", which, WOW, GUYS. Way to be totally unappreciative of the majestic triumphs of nature but whatever.

9. And then finally THESE GUYS show up and the chapter finally starts to get interesting. XD Sorry Varia, it's not that I don't like you guys, it's just that up until this point this was literally sixteen pages of you eating dinner and Mammon taking a bath and reading his mail and everyone suddenly worshiping Fran and tut-tutting about having to actually walk for two miles to find him, LE SIGH.

Fortunately the arrival of Kokuyou marks a change in all of that, because correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first time we've actually seen two former villain groups meet up, isn't it? And all of a sudden there are all these interesting possibilities like, "OOH I WONDER WHO WOULD BEAT WHO!" and you get the giddiest feeling because when it's villains meeting up instead of heroes, you start feeling like you might very well get the answer to that question, since villains are prone to just starting fights for no reason right there and then. And you know, it's just exciting. :D

10. And then Amano just... ends it right there. With a shot of the back of Fran's head. XD

I remember when this chapter first came out and I was like "DAMN YOU, CHAPTER." Now of course we know what happens next, so this tease of an ending is not nearly as frustrating because I already possess the knowledge that the next chapter will not, in fact, be worth the wait (in spite of the sensationalist claims about "FRAN'S ALARMING BIOLOGY!!1" promised by the preview text). So there is no point in getting worked up because all that's going to happen is that they will fight over who gets to keep Fran, and then remember that Fran is kind of a pain in the ass, and start fighting over who does NOT get to keep Fran. XDDD

At first it seemed like such a good plan (in fact, the only plan) to go and back-review all these chapters leading up to the current one, but now... oh fuck, I'll stick with it anyway, but I apologize in advance if this whole thing turns out to be a terrible and boring idea. Pretty soon we'll get to the Arcos and then the real fun will begin. /o/

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YAY I hereby declare this arc to be known as the ARCobaleno. :D

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Lol. I'm leaning toward ARCOARC myself because I do love me a good palindrome.

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I love that Varia First Class is, like, giant recliners with velvet and iPod docks and shit. VARIA FIRST CLASS, y'all. It means something.

If there is anything the Arcobaleno like even more than being elite, it's being magical and mysterious. Letters like these are probably their favorite hobby.

They have nothing else to do, really. I mean, they could technically be doing things, like develop amazing inventions and/or kill people, but they don't seem to do a lot of them. Mostly they just hang out watching and don't actually act very often, judging by Reborn and Mammon.

I rather liked this chapter, but I liked the next one more. I loved seeing Mukuro and Squalo pull each other aside for a little talk, and that the first thing they say, in tandem, is "So . . . you can have him!"

Maybe I just like to see our dear (ex-)villains being ridiculous and petty, idk. But I laughed pretty hard. :D

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Yeah, Varia First Class is nice. How loaded are these guys, anyway? Luxury private jet, which they take even though they're only traveling from Italy next door to France, not the longest trip. They are so casually rich that I almost feel like they should have their own reality show or something. BILLIONAIRE ASSASSINS.

You have a point there about their hobbies. Fon in particular seems to have exactly one hobby, which is standing in the same pose and making the same face. No wonder they are starved for entertainment.

And I agree that 248 was a lot more entertaining. As far as the lulz go, anyway. Squalo and Mukuro is like the least-expected KHR combo ever, and that their interaction is over who has to babysit Fran of all things is just win. I did have some fun with that (more so on my second read-through). :D

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Awwww...XD This. You have made me laugh again after all this time, and as still manage to make me laugh in fits (and I usually don't laugh in fits these days) with all this "underlying" information about KHR. :3

But, tis great that you managed to keep your sense of humor as always. <3333333333 Love your chapter analysis. :D

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(sorry, I swear I didn't skip this comment on purpose! I think the reply got lost in a Firefox crash and I just forgot it hadn't been submitted... XD)

Thank you so much! <3 I'm glad you're still enjoying the reviews after all this time, here's hoping to plenty more laughs in the future. o/

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Just saying.....missed you much (hugs)

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Aw, thank you! <3 And back at you, glad to see you're still hanging around LJ. *return hug!*