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Varia and Kokuyou spy on Fran and make observations about his giant apple hat. Mammon, who incidentally is sporting a much prettier hat (that squares it, Mammon, you are officially a girl in my mind and I DARE YOU to prove otherwise then, Amano), nips off to go find the magical Arcobaleno fountain, and no one else notices because they are all too busy slowly coming to the realization that TYE!Fran is actually really kind of a dumbass. Actually he is more like the world's biggest troll but it doesn't really make much difference to them, I suppose. Fran proceeds to host the Comedy Central Roast of Villains and somehow this ends badly?? He then spends the rest of the chapter trolling everyone with the most epic fit of Tourette's syndrome the world has ever seen, to the point where his life is repeatedly threatened and he still insists on insulting the guys holding spears to his throat, either because he is just that stupid or he just does not give a single fuck.

Hilariously, it all turns out to be a misunderstanding because someone shot him in the head with cheese. Well, you know. It happens. So all of a sudden Squalo and Mukuro both simultaneously decide that sharing is caring and offer the other one Fran, and for some reason Levi takes it upon himself to hit on Fran's future girlfriend, which WTF does not even begin to cover BUT WHATEVER.

MEANWHILE, Mammon locates the official Arcobaleno Kiddie Pool with all of the other Arcos lounging away around it. Everyone is like, "WHAT'S UP, WE ALL GOT THE SAME LETTERS TOO SO WE ALL GATHERED HERE TO READ THEM AND IT'S ALL REBORN'S FAULT SOMEHOW, WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN." So then they decode Mammon's letter along with the rest of theirs and finally solve the puzzle resulting in them learning things we the readers have already known for a while. Most importantly, they learn about the mysterious eighth (ninth, technically, right? DOES LAL JUST NOT COUNT ANYMORE OR WHAT) Arcobaleno with the boring clear pacifier, and they all start speculating about this guy while back at the waterfall, Fran randomly chooses to join a MYSTERY GROUP and all of a sudden the chapter ends. Just ENDS, and nothing more has been said on the matter to this day. So... yeah.


  • Was I the only one who had an oddly disconcerting experience trying to tell if that was Fran's front or back on that first page? I mean, obviously I knew it was his back, but thanks to Amano's only so-so talent at drawing elbows and knees, I was kind of thrown for a bit even so. ...IDK I GUESS I'M JUST WEIRD?
  • "Last time I drifted all the way out to the ocean and no one noticed..." Fran, as far as Traumatic Childhood Pasts go, you're reaching.
  • I swear to God for a second there Squalo actually looked a little panicked about Fran's "hex." Like "OH SHIT NO, NOT A HEX!" XD
  • I never thought anything Mukuro would do could possibly top Owlkuro, but damned if his reaction to "pineapple fairy" didn't come close. I also died at M.M. in the background going "THAT'S THE NUMBER ONE THING YOU SHOULDN'T SAY" because my first thought was, "Number one as in are there more? HOLY SHIT IS THERE A LIST?" I must get my hands on it.
  • "Forgot to cut its bangs..." I'LL SAY.
  • Ken being the one to try to reason with Fran while Mukuro was all "LEMME AT HIM LEMME AT HIM" was like some Twilight Zone shit, man. NOTHING ABOUT THIS MAKES ANY SENSE, WHAT UNIVERSE IS THIS.
  • Levi being completely ignored was my favorite part of the chapter. XD
  • "Listen Fran DO YOU REMEMBER GETTING SHOT IN THE HEAD RECENTLY." Actually, no, that was my favorite part of the chapter. Just... that sentence. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.
  • For the record I side with Squalo on this one. In the end it makes more sense for Mukuro to be stuck with him. Plus, Squalo promised to send gifts if Mukuro takes him! THINK OF THE FREE TUNAS, MUKURO, THINK OF THE TUNAS.
  • Anyone ever notice how every time we see Fon, he's making the exact same face with the exact same pose?


  • I do like that Reborn even plays mind games with his own peers. Like, is there no one he won't fuck with, or what?
  • This is obviously going to be a running theme in the next arc, but I gotta say it did surprise me when I first read these chapters that the Arcobaleno apparently knew so little about their own history and curse. I just always assumed, you know, Arcobaleno, most powerful guys in the world, they were probably all-knowing, you know? But apparently not.

Anyway, so ends this little mini-arc. Next chapter we finally get to the good stuff. :D

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How Mukuro stole Christmas. LOLZ. 8DDD

The Adventures of Babysitting Fran is so perfect for this as a title. :D I just realized how much I missed your chapters, and how they always brought a light into my life. *w*

One really would think that the Arcobaleno are the most powerful guys, but...I guess we were proven wrong. Oh, well...:3

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For a while I was actually toying with the idea of using "how spade stole chanukah" for my Daemon tag too. XD

One really would think that the Arcobaleno are the most powerful guys, but...I guess we were proven wrong.

I know, right? "ARCOBALENO ARE THE STRONGEST" was like one of the rock-solid facts the series mythology was founded on, or so I THOUGHT, but I guess we can't depend on anything these days. :P

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HAHAHA, that's true about Fon!!! I never really noticed that! But I still love him! *_*

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If anything, this discovery makes me love him all the more. <3
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Welcome back! I have missed you and the hilarity you brought to my life.

And I distinctly remember not being able to figure out whether that was Fran's front or back, so you're not alone in that.

Personally, I find there to be something inherently hilarious about the fact that Squalo and Mukuro are being made to interact with each other. Idek why, something about it just screams lulz. Something about the pseudo-politeness of it all.

Also, yeah, I have to agree with you that Squalo asking whether Fran was shot in the head like this is some kind of obvious solution is pretty extreme in its hilarity.

But then again, practically everything in this chapter is extreme in its hilarity.

Oh God, idek! I can't pick a most hilarious moment! It's all hilarious! And it just gets more hilarious from here on out!

So yeah, I'll just be sitting here, waiting for you to add your lulz to the infinite pile of lulz that is this newest arc.

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Thank you! :)

OH MY GOD I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. s-sob.

Yeah, I guess since they're both so high up in the Mafia Assassin/Former Enemies Who Are Now Tsuna's Bitches ranks, they're kind of like acquaintances by default? Also, I find it inherently hilarious whenever Squalo tries to attempt politeness toward anybody. XD He will never not be awkward at it.

Something about the way SHOT IN THE HEAD just seemed to CLICK in his mind made me go, "WAIT, WAIT. JUST HOW OFTEN HAS THIS HAPPENED IN THE PAST." And I mean, it is the Varia, so probably every week.

And it just gets more hilarious from here on out!

Boy is that the truth. 8D

Hello! I missed you

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Oh! It's good to have you back! I discovered your KHR! reviews about 6 months ago when I was starting to lose faith in the KHR fandom after wandering around and reading senseless and OOC fanfics one after another (like, really bad) DX, and with bad grammar btw. My brain cells where dying and damn, I though that such an awesome manga couldn't have such awful fandom and then... I don't remember how XD LOL, I read one of your reviews and suddenly I was LMAO and I just love the way you write and rant XD about stuff, you have a really good way of writing, it's entertaining and professional, for lack of a better word. So, good job! I wish you all the best! (hug) /o/ You made me see the light of fandom again LOL (Catholic lectures kicking in. Ughh. Those teachings spring up when you least expect them too).
So, umm, see you later.

Hello hello~

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Hi there, and thank you! <3 Glad you've enjoyed the reviews thus far, hope they continue to entertain. o/

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I guess Amano just can't draw the Hibari/Fon/Alaude face in any other pose. I mean, Hibari looks kinda the same (and always says the same thing anyway) in every appearance. <_< ...come to think of it, I don't actually recall Fran's "chosen group" to be revealed. Huh. Or maybe this chapter is sooo far back I don't remember. (But I'm sure I'd remember something that epic!) uh, dunno if it's a spoiler, but YEAH NO ONE CARES ABOUT LAL ANYMORE *sob*

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Iz not true. Colonello cares! That's a spoiler but you get he picture.

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(yes the both of us should stop spoiling her XD)

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She really doesn't vary much from the blueprint when she draws those three, does she? But in a way, it's part of the appeal of those characters too. They're so reliably badass. And in Fon's case, adorably so.

And I don't think it's been revealed yet either. I don't recall seeing Fran hanging out with either the Varia or Kokuyou groups when they were reintroduced in the upcoming chapters. (Incidentally, I have kept up on reading the chapters even though I haven't done the reviews, so no worries about spoilers. But thanks for the consideration. <3)

And yeah, poor Lal. BUT YES, COLONNELLO CARES, AT LEAST. And... I care. /episode iv luke reference oh yeah what what

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oh no I don't get the star wars reference I HAVE FAILED YOU ALL D:

*fires up Shouichi icon for MAXIMUM NERDINESS*

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Re: *fires up Shouichi icon for MAXIMUM NERDINESS*

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I loved this chapter! There is nothing about the Kokuyou + Varia + Fran interactions that is not incredibly funny. EVERYTHING IS PERFECT.

Buddhist theology jokes might be on Mukuro's list! I can't think of anything else, sadly.


THAT LINE, YE GODS. So amazing. It implies that Squalo is used to every other method of head trauma just NOT WORKING.

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I have to admit that Fran's epic troll session was nothing short of inspirational, if only because it was so deftly and rapidly executed. He nailed EVERYONE in like the span of 2-3 pages. Even Mukuro wanted to bash his head in! Mukuro, who was all "oh well I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles" when his fucking BODY was stolen by Daemon but flipped out like a fucking maniac after spending two minutes in the same vicinity as Fran. XD

Just... wow.

It implies that Squalo is used to every other method of head trauma just NOT WORKING.

Yes, exactly! He just... jumps right to the headshot. Holy shit.

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Nice to see you again. ^^

As fun as the Arcobaleno arc has been so far, I still feel kind of put out by the fact that we never did find out which team Fran picked. D'you think he chose the Arcobaleno? I wouldn't put it past him.

Then again, whoever he sides with, he's such a troll it can be nothing short of hilarious. So glad to have him back. ^o^

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Hello, thank you! :)

Who even knows which group he picked. I mean, we've seen pretty much all the groups in the latest arc now, and Fran wasn't among any of them. Just when Amano finally brings Kawahira back (well, almost), she gives me a whole new mystery to agonize over. fff.

But yes, it is nice to have him back. ...if he ever shows up again. XD