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ITP: The first act of every good heist film.



351 opens with a cover page of the Arcofriends and their animal mascots all sorted by color for our convenience! For all those people out there who haven't been paying attention. Admittedly, I still mix up Luce and Aria to this day so I'm one to talk ha ha ha, ANYWAY. Reborn's GIANT HEAD greets us on the following page where he wakes up to find every other person in the house just WATCHING HIM SLEEP. OKAY. Apparently they were worried about him; Tsuna's worry quickly turns to dismay when Reborn makes this face. To be fair, dismay is the probably the mildest reaction someone could have to that face.

Displaying a keen sense of self-preservation, Tsuna guns it out of there, leaving Reborn to turn the conversation to Iemitsu, somehow, which gives Amano a decent if somewhat abrupt segue into the following scene. Lal and Iemitsu chat about how busy Iemitsu is (though he sure doesn't seem busy to me, just lounging around in his expensive chair sneezing and daydreaming about Nana), when Oregano (long time no see!) and Basil show up and are all like A CLIENT HAS ARRIVED!! but I don't know why they couldn't just come right out and say that it's Colonnello! Because it totally is Colonnello, who has come to CEDEF bearing a MYSTERY REQUEST. HMMM.

Meanwhile, Mammon visits her boss to spy on him changing his clothes and ask him for a mystery favor as well! Not only that, but Verde is hitting up Mukuro with mystery propositions as welll. Clearly some serious shenanigans are going down. Cut to Enma walking around looking for kittens to feed (ADORABLE), only to stumble across a pair of seriously obese cats purring contentedly while Skull of all people appears and tries to play this off like Enma now owes him some kind of eternal debt. Lastly we cut to Fon who is just standing around pondering out loud who to ask to be his own representative. Which, assuming everyone else out there is thinking along the same lines as me (and judging from the comments in the 350 post, I'm definitely not alone o/), is pretty obvious.*

On his way back home from school Tsuna wanders smack dab into the middle of a group of hoodlums! CLEARLY THIS CAN ONLY MEAN ONE THING: MAFIA ANTICS ARE AFOOT. Sure enough, out pops Dino (and Romario too) with his winningest pretty boy smile and a Reborn riding on his shoulder. Reborn then finally lays his request on his two pupils, and guess what it is! If you said "FIGHT" then congratulations, you are fully cognizant of the fact that you are currently reading a shounen manga. |D


  • If the Sky Arcos don't get babyfied like the rest of them, why is there a babyfied Sky Arco on this cover page? And it's not the first time, either.
  • I said "every other person in the house" but that's not quite true; Lambo at least clearly did not give a shit. XD
  • Bianchi doesn't react so differently from her brother when the object of her adoration is in distress.
  • For the record, I'm 100% behind Tsuna's split-second decision to run out of the room screaming, and had Reborn smiled that smile in my direction, I would have been out of there even faster than he was.
  • Iemitsu has "at least five dozen assassins out there wanting to kill [him]." This is KHR, so I can't tell if this is actually hyperbole or not. Somehow I get the feeling that it isn't...
  • This is like the first time I've ever seen Basil and he wasn't making a :O face!
  • The translation of "Kora!" as "Dammit!" just cracks me up every time. It's like he's Jack Bauer.
  • How does Xanxus already know what Mammon is about to ask him? Can this guy read minds or something? I have been seriously underestimating Xanxus. o_o
  • Enma feeding stray cats in his spare time is seriously precious and the world is not good enough for someone so pure and adorable oh my goodness.
  • I also like how it seems to be virtually impossible for him to have a conversation with someone and not reference Tsuna in some way, shape, or fashion at some point.
  • And regardless of how scary the other Arcos' groups may be, it's pretty clear that Reborn's got this in the bag. Really, the other guys might as well save us some time and just throw in the towel now. Except not because the idea of a free-for-all between basically all of the fighting characters ever introduced in the manga has me practically salivating. SO FORGET I SAID ANYTHING.

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