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KHR 354

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We open with a cover page featuring the Kokuyou gang, whom literally all of you reading this are familiar with or else why are you even here, so let's move on. Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera ask (presumably in unison) whether Mukuro is really going to be Verde's representative, and Verde and Mukuro respond by insulting each other and then basically saying, "YES." They explain that the cause that unites them both is an overwhelming urge (SUCH AN URGE, MAN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BIG THIS URGE IS) to destroy Tsuna, Reborn, and the Vongola family. Mukuro needed Verde's brainpower, and Verde needed Mukuro's... charisma. Together, they're unstoppable.


After explaining all this, they stand around in awkward silence for a moment before deciding to leave. Tsuna asks Mukuro what he's planning to do about Chrome. Mukuro says Tsuna can keep her because he "detests the current Chrome", wow. (2012 Dick Olympics is just on the horizon!) We then cut to CEDEF, where Basil and Oregano are grilling Lal Mirch about her decision to represent Colonnello in the upcoming battle. Apparently there is little to no profit in de-babyfying a random guy even if he is a former student of one of CEDEF's best. However, unbeknownst to Lal, Colonnello is secretly scheming to have her debabyfied instead if he wins. Iemitsu agrees to this because everyone hearts Lal. Aww, that's sweet. <3

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHAT'S THIS, IT SEEMS "THAT MAN" HAS RECENTLY GONE ROGUE?! As Iemitsu and Colonnello speculate whether this has anything to do with the upcoming Arcobattle (IT DOES!), we cut to Italy, where a shiny car pulls up in front of an expensive-looking house, and a well-dressed man and his two lackeys step out and OH MY GOD IT'S GAMMA. Gamma, Nosaru, and Tazaru are all standing around and staring at a pacifier that starts glowing all of a sudden, which is strange because the pacifier's owner is presumed dead! But someone should have told Gamma that NO ONE EVER DIES IN REBORN, and just in case we needed any more proof of that, "THAT MAN" appears with THESE DUDES. You see, because Amano loves me, Byakuran is actually going to be FIGHTING ALONGSIDE GAMMA AND CO. AS REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ARCOBALENO OF THE SKY. WHICH IS TO SAY, UNI. THAT ONE. THAT ARCOBALENO.

Like I said, no one ever dies in Reborn. B)


  • It's a good thing I already know all about the Kokuyou gang, because the translation on this cover page wasn't helpful in the least. "IN ORDER STAND UP TO OPPRESSION FROM ADULTS, THEY STOOD UP AND DESTROYED AGAINST AND DESTROYED THE ORGANIZATION." There are just so many things wrong with that sentence nfffggg... *wrings hands*
  • "It sounds like all you're doing is insulting each other..." Damn you, Tsuna, I was going to make that observation! The trio's responses to this are all priceless, though. Gokudera actually looks legitimately concerned that Mukuro and Verde are going to have problems with their teamwork. Oh this crazy world.
  • Seriously, I just changed my mind about Enma and Skull being my favorite Arcoteam because Mukuro and Verde are like NONSTOP COMEDY HOUR. It's like, why are they not starring in their own BUDDY VILLAIN movie. "THE ONLY THING THEY HATE MORE THAN EACH OTHER... IS EVERYTHING ELSE." I would watch that.
  • Also, now that Mukuro's said he wishes Verde were just a brain, I have this nagging question in the back of my mind of "what would it be like if he was?" and it's basically EXACTLY THE SAME except instead of Verde there's just a floating brain. And let me tell you, it is a weird, weird image.
  • The "charisma" outfit... what. What do I even say to that.
  • Colonnello's gesture is sweet and romantic and all, but given that we already have confirmation that Lal's curse will wear off anyway after a certain amount of time, it also seems like kind of a waste. Just... the prize could be put to better use, you know? XD
  • I love that for once, the readers got to be in the know about all the "THAT MAN!!" nonsense. Also, I feel I should note that when I read the words THAT MAN and I saw the picture of who THAT MAN was referring to, I basically did a backflip in my own chair because OH MY GOD HOORAAAAAAAY.
  • Kawahira: Check! (PRESUMABLY!) Finally learning Reborn's ARCOSECRET that that bastard Yamamoto was keeping from us: Check! BYAKURAN REAPPEARANCE IN THE MANGA: MOTHERFUCKING CHECK. Oh my God if this was taking place in Italy it would basically be the perfect arc. !!!
  • "Are you planning on destroying our family again?!" Interesting if dangerous question there, Gamma. I can't help but wonder what he would have done if Byakuran had said, "Yep! ♪" XD
  • Uni looks... exactly the same as she did ten years in the future. Where IIRC she was supposed to be about the same age as Tsuna? So is Amano ever going to explain to us why a four-year-old girl somehow looks to be about fourteen in the current timeline, or are we all just going to shrug our shoulders and accept it? (Because I'm okay with that. She brought back Byakuran, okay. I can take a fractured timeline or two in exchange.)

"Charisma" outfit

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I swear that when I saw that panel with Mukuro dressed as an Idol I felt as if my brain where being scratched by thousands of car keys, and that I would never be able to get rid of that mental image T_T Thanks for the nightmares Amano! Though I really can't take Chuckles seriously anymore... this did it for me.

Colonnello is such a sweetheart. That's it. Love makes you dumb.

That Dream Team, looks kinda comedic but at the same time super dangerous and with a tad of trolling tendencies... ummmm. I would watch the hell out of that Buddy Villian movie.

LOL'ed at M.M.'s face of "Yeah! She's out of the picture! Chuckles all mine!" Bitch, XD that dude's asexual (like almost every teen in this series) and with waaaaay to much self-esteem to even think about dating a skank like you. hahahaha (That's what I thought, kinda harsh, isn't it?)

Byakuran's back!! Yeah! You said it all so why repeat it? XD LOL

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Isn't that kind of a leap, though? Mukuro is not depicted on-screen as having any sexuality, but then, sexuality isn't the focus of the manga, so unless sexuality works in tandem with a gag (Tsuna chasing Kyoko, Dr. Shamal in general) or as per some bit of plot (Spade and Elena, and Spade looked reasonably distanced from sexuality, too, before the reveal), it's just omitted in Amano's depictions. Mukuro may be asexual or he may fap to porn magazines and have orgies every night before bed. We just really don't know.

Also, while I understand people disliking M.M. because of her admittedly lousy attitude, and yeah, people dislike her, that's your prerogative, but Mukuro? Well, I'm thinking he probably likes her just fine. Why wouldn't he? They have a history together, and they're pretty much two peas in a pod on the asshole spectrum. He's yet to actually express having any kind of problem with the way she acts; seems to me he implicitly condones it, whatever one might make of that.

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Actually, you have a very good point. I just assumed that everyone in Khr hated M.M. as much as I do, (I don't hate her, but I don't like her either). Ummmm, I just haven't gotten over what Chuckles said aaaages ago about not caring about anyone and even after all the things he has done and still not admitting he cares, (I don't know if it's wrong or not but I just look at what he says on the surface, I don't look for any hidden meaning), so I still can't see him caring about anyone, even though some part of the fandom says otherwise, so maybe that's why I assumed he didn't like M.M.

And about sexuality or even relationships in Khr, besides those examples you mentioned, we have no idea of what any of the characters could think about those things, so... Yeah, you got me thinking, hehe.

Wel, that's good, thanks for replying! I always appreciate a different point of view. :D

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Well, fair enough about not looking for hidden meaning. I do think his actions contradict his words a lot (letting himself be captured for Ken/Chikusa being probably the most concrete example), but yeah, it's true he outwardly says that, whatever he means/thinks/etc. being up in the air.

YEAH, their sexualities are pretty up in the air. Although I can imagine some of them might honestly be asexual. Idk, I could go different ways with that.

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LSJDFHSKDFLGSKHDGF I only read these chapters not too long ago BUT NOW I HAVE TO RE-READ THEM because apparently I did so half asleep...? HOW DID I MISS THE HILARITY OF THE MUKURO-VERDE INTERACTION?!

GAMMAAAAAA. NOSARU! TAZARU! BYAKURANNNNNN, UNIIIIIII, strange people with stranger bathing habits, ZOMBIE(?)-MUMMY THING THAT WAS TSUNA'S FIRST KILL (????)! Oh man, it's like the greatest class reunion ever. I just... I need to bask in the awesome for a bit. Again.

And I just give up on trying to figure out proper timeline/ages/etc. If it in any way makes sense, I get the feeling that the attempted explanation will just go right over my head. It would probably go right over most university professor's heads, oi.
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Oh God, I am legit dying here. Maybe it's lack of sleep, but that is the funniest thing ever to me right now. I WOULD WATCH THAT TOO.

And this chapter, OMG, this chapter! It fills me with so much joy. I mean, GAMMA. I just about died of joy when he showed up. GAMMA and BYAKURAN. Amano really is too good to us. All I need now is for Shouichi and Spanner to show up and my life will be complete.

That Verde brain comment set off all kinds of hilarity connections in my mind because when we I was younger, I had this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tape that I listened to all the time. Like, seriously, all the time, I can basically quote that shit word for word. And at some point in the tape The Shredder and Krang are talking about their evil plan or something and The Shredder says to Krang, "That's quite a brain you've got, Krang." To which Krang, who, I'm not sure how familiar you are with the TMNT universe, is essentially a giant brain in a tank, replies in his raspy, evil genius voice, "Of course it is, it's all of I've got." After which we heard dramatic '80s robotic bleeping music.

So now I just imagine Verde as Krang and Mukuro as The Shredder saying things like, "They're turtles! They must not discover my Technodrome!" in a melodramatic voice. Which, I feel, isn't completely out of the realm of possibility in KHR and fills me with an inordinate amount of glee.

Well, that was a pointlessly lengthy story. Anyway, brains. That shit is amusing to me.

Seriously though, wtf is that charisma outfit thing even? And how is charisma going to win them anything? I mean, everyone in this manga already knows not to trust Mukuro, especially when he goes around declaring that he wants to destroy the Vongola/mafia/Tsuna. I really don't think charisma's going to be able to help him much at this point.

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Why Uni Looks The Same

because GammaUni cannot get any more disturbing than it already is, otherwise KHR will be banned in every country for featuring and condoning a pedo relationship.

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"Are you planning on destroying our family again?!" Interesting if dangerous question there, Gamma. I can't help but wonder what he would have done if Byakuran had said, "Yep! ♪" XD

I honestly would have died if that happened. There wouldn't be any laugh left in me.

The only pleasure I'm taking from this arc is that Byakuran is back and that's all that really matters to me. So thank you Amano for that!

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Apparently Mukurou and Verde bonded at a karaoke. Nice. 8) And Mukurou is not fooling anyone with that whole "I can't stand Chrome" bit... He's not even trying that hard. Asking Tsuna to take care of her immediately after saying that? Really? Well, I guess he does realize there is no point trying to convince Hopelessly Idealistic Boss and his Empathy of Doom that he doesn't care about Chrome... (I still hope she will get to kick his ass in this arc. Yeah, wishful thinking...)

Err, I guess Uni was actually older than Tsuna in the future...? Like, twenty...? I could believe it if she was supposed to be ten in that timeline (she looks slightly younger in the next chapter), but no younger than that. Or does her aging have anything to do with her curse? *confused* By the way, didn't Lal's curse wear off just because all the other Arcobaleno had died?

Young Gamma is pretty cute. And has made a valid point; Byakuran is probably trying to take over the world through alliances this time, with the two bosses who defeated him. First curing Yamamoto, then siding with Uni... it might fit. Mukurou, watch out for that limelight! And for the Dick Olympics cup!

And I don't have tumblr... Can I add you as a friend on LJ instead?

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So all Mukuro wants is Verde's intellect, so we see his wish for Verde as just a randomly floating brain. And Verde wants Mukuro's charisma, which somehow translates to Mukuro singing karaoke in a fabulous disco/figure skating outfit. I...can't even comprehend his train of thought on this XD

You know I hadn't even given a thought to the Sky Pacifier before this chapter came out, so by the end I was like, ASDLFKASDFK. GAMMA (looking HOT)!!! UNIIIIII. Amano, you FREAKING BROUGHT BACK BYAKURAN, I have such ridiculously high hopes for this arc now please don't fuck it up with a lame ending like TIED, NOBODY WINS or WE WERE JUST KIDDING HAHA.