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KHR 355!



Millefiore cover page! All the famousest Gesso and Giglio Nero peeps together as one big happy family! <3 And then we're back in Italy witnessing Gamma and Uni's heartwarming reunion (they do it classy mafia style, aw yiss). Byakuran interrupts them, presumably out of jealously for the depths of emotion their human hearts are capable of feeling, and Gamma FLIPS OUT and is all BRACED TO ATTACK but then Uni is like WAIT STOP, HE'S MY FRIEND NOW and Gamma is like WHAAAAAAA?

Turns out that Uni's mother Aria passed up her chance to be de-cursed in order to give Uni the same opportunity in her place. (I totally see this as foreshadowing for what the eventual winner of this contest is also going to do.) And Byakuran has been selected as one of Uni's representatives! This goes over with the rest of the Giglio Nero family about as well as you might expect. But they calm down once Byakuran brings up the fact that they're all going to Japan--this isn't just going to be a reunion between the Gesso and Giglio Nero, it's a reunion between the EVERYONE. SHOULD BE INTERESTING.

Back in Japan, Reborn and Tsuna are wandering around downtown because there's no better place to secretly discuss secret mafia events. But actually they've headed downtown in order to meet Dino, who picked the poshest hotel possible and even wore a real live suit for the occasion! They get ready to sit down to a fabulous meal when all of a sudden Bel literally swings down from the ceiling screaming HYAHOOO and plucks Tsuna out of the air and kidnaps him off to the SUPER SUITE, where what has been seen... cannot be unseen. XD

Bel tosses Tsuna in a heap before Xanxus so that they can have their own tender reunion which is not quite as heartwarming! Tsuna slowly puts two and two together and realizes this means that the Varia are representing Mammon in the Arcobattle. Dino and Tsuna come running in to save Tsuna, not a moment too soon because Xanxus is already staring Tsuna down with the crazy eyes declaring things like I WILL ERASE YOU. Then he changes targets at the speed of light and blasts a hole in the ceiling for another checkered guy (it can't be the same one... can it?) to tumble through! Said checkered guy introduces himself as Tsunomichi and announces that he has come to explain the rules of engagement. But we will get to that in the next chapter.


  • Shouldn't that Millefiore paragraph on the cover read something more like, "In all the worlds, in pretty much all the futures"? XD
  • "In the current world, it would seem that Byakuran has lost his powers..." Um. I know a certain Rain Guardian and his certain working legs who might disagree with that statement! Not that this is a bad thing.
  • I just have to say, TYE!Kikyo is fabulous.
  • GAMMA AND UNI'S FACES ON PAGE TWO... I. I promised myself I wouldn't cry...! ;_;
  • "You can't do that, Gamma-kun!" ... ... must not make pedo joke... must not make pedo joke...
  • ...okay, but based on page 8 I feel like I have no choice because it appears to me that Byakuran, Gamma, Uni, and Bluebell are seriously trying to form the world's wrongest love rectangle. SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THIS. OH MY GOD.
  • Oh, Dino, you know my one weakness is suits... YOU BASTARD, YOU DID THIS ON PURPOSE.
  • Where did Bel even get that rope? Or did Mammon just illusion it up?
  • Based on page 14 with Squalo's fancy chair, Lussuria's sweaty musical note workout, and Levi's OH GOD MY EYES, I am now beyond-a-doubt certain that every time the Varia are alone together behind closed doors, there is some HARDCORE GAY going on.
  • Xanxus's crazy eyes are the CRAZIEST crazy eyes EVER.

  • And ONCE AGAIN he is demonstrating his ability to read minds by shooting right at Tsunomichi before anyone else (except possibly Reborn) even realized he was there! XANXUS YOU ARE REALLY STARTING TO SCARE ME.
  • Seriously, is this Tsunomichi guy really Checkers? They look nothing alike and are wearing different clothes, yet Reborn thought-exclaims The man in the iron hat! when he sees him at the end of the chapter. But it's just because he saw the dude and immediately knew he was connected to TMITIH... right?

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Two possibilities to the Checkers dude
1) Reborn is blind. THat's not the man in the iron hat.
2) Amano can't draw the same thing more than once. Uhhh not very probable.

Or, even less likely, the man in the iron hat went for plastic surgery and went through Middle Age, so he grew fatter or something.

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You know, I'm kinda glad that Gamma gets to look 10 years younger while Uni doesn't quite. It kinda makes their romance seem... more... feasible? And less wrong...

I'm actually kind of anxious about Byakuran's and Shouichi's meeting. It's like... I know it won't end in tragedy because it's KHR, but normally it WOULD be terribly tragic. I'm just preemptively sorry for Shouichi here.

And I think Reborn just recognized new checkers guy as an envoy of Mr. Iron Hat. (I almost called him DiCaprio here, but then I remembered DiCaprio was the man in the iron mask...) Or, you know, it could have been just shitty translating.

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Are my shipping goggles still on or are TYE!Gamma's overprotective tendencies strangely similar to Gokudera's? Does that mean we're going to have a "My loyalty/love for my boss is bigger than yours!" rematch in the near future? *cough* Well, as much of a stalker as he is, at least Gokudera is Tsuna's age.

I can't help but find it kind of strange that they are all looking forward to meeting each other so much when said meeting equals to fights amongst friends... I'll never understand the mafia.

Man, between kinky scenes (MY EYES! TOT), Tarzan impersonations and Xanxus being perpetually murderous, the Varia never seem to get bored. XD As for Tsunomichi... I don't know, maybe he is Checker's clone or something? It's hard to tell if they look alike because of the mask. In any case, I wish Xanxus had managed to shoot a shoulder at least, that might have made him chuckle less.

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Good to have you back, forgot how much I missed you're commentary. Things to note this chapter. Summarising TYE Millefiore. Nosaru and Bluebell seem to have borrowed Yuni's fixed age remedy. Byakuran, Gamma, Kikyo and Zakuro share a hair stylist (Probably Byakuran) which leads to Tosaru's failed attempt at fighting hair loss and the less said about Daisy's hat the better. Torikabuto's still super creepy btw. I seem to be the only one who cares but where the heck do these guys get their box animals from. The Vongola's were explained (vaguely) but how did Gamma get his sparkly foxes back? Loved how Reborn didn't give a sh** when one of the world best assassins abducted his pupil. In regard to the incident on page 14 all I have to say is who's more homo Lussuria for being Lussuria, Levi for his nude workout or Squalo for watching.