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Idk how SNL does it.

Weekend Updates just never seem to get done when I'm the one doing them. Monday and Tuesday updates are a lot easier. XD

Anyway, back to the KHR catch-up! Just two last chapters to go.


We open with a cover page of the of the Varia, who apparently can't be bothered to stand up and pose, unlike all of the other families. No sir, we are special snowflakes and we are all just going to SIT and STARE AT THE CAMERA. Then we cut back to Fancy Namimori Hotel where the man in the iron hat's messenger (whew! so much for that) introduces himself as Tsunomichi. Michi whips out his notes and starts calmly and clearly explaining the rules of the battles to come. Psych! Presents first!! Explanations can come later!

Tsunomichi presents each team with a set of bitchin' watches that I totally NEED IN MY LIFE, RIGHT NOW, and explains that each team will battle wearing the watches, and the team whose watches are destroyed (NOOOOO. BARBARIC) will lose! Apparently this comes as a great shock to some people who will not be named but their names rhyme with "Schmoona" and for some reason they weren't expecting to have to fight (lol what). Mammon is all "so wait, are the Arcos just going to be sitting around watching all this" and Michi is like "YES" but not to worry because his supervisor (CHECKERS) has "a very nostalgic present" waiting for them. INTEREST: PIQUED.

Tsunomichi then gets into further detail regarding the nature of the battles. Basically the idea is that the battles will have time limits, and can start at any moment and NONE OF THEM WILL GET ANY WARNING until one minute before each battle randomly starts. Oh, and these are all battle royales. All the teams will be fighting ALL AT ONCE, meaning the situation is ripe for alliances and later down the line, betrayals, and all sorts of other juicy plot things.

Tsunomichi leaves them all to their schemings, and Mammon immediately ponders the pros and cons of temporarily allying themselves with Team Reborn. However, Xanxus calmly informs them that he will not be teaming up with anyone. Later on, we see Michi visiting the other Arcos and explaining the rules to them as well. After several pages' worth of their miscellaneous reactions, the chapter ends.


  • "Tsuna still cowers in fear in front of Xanxus." ...Yeah but. Tsuna cowers in fear in front of anybody.
  • Wow, like two seconds after Tsunomichi opens his mouth, Squalo starts insulting his verbal tics. POT, KETTLE, VOIIII-MAN.
  • To be fair, though, Michi's verbal tic is like Kikyo's on steroids.
  • Why are the Arco watches equipped for two countdowns instead of just one like the others? HMM.
  • I said this in a previous post or something I think, but I really don't get why the pacifiers breaking would be such a big deal. I mean, the Vongola rings have been broken, split into pieces, and generally fucked around with how many times, now? The 7^3 seem to be pretty damned resilient, just saying.
  • This kind of battle set-up was MADE for trolling, man. If I were Checkers, it'd be like, "la la la spying on everyone, wait until the target is on the toilet or in the shower and then WHAM! BATTLE TIME. :)" I am desperately hoping there is at least one middle-of-the-night battle where everyone shows up in their pajamas.
  • Nice touch how Amano had Michi gradually rolling up his sleeve to show more and more notes, lol.

  • Still adorable, Fon. Still adorable.
  • Aww, Enma. Yes, please do go ask Adel again, she'd have to have a heart of stone to be able to refuse that face.
  • Mukuro and Verde saying the same thing at the same time FUCKING KILLED ME, oh my god.
  • NGL, I am PUMPED for this arc. I know that's how it always starts, and then the crushing disappointment comes along later on, but the last time we had an arc that was built from the ground up around a big battle game like this, we got the fucking Varia Arc, which was the fucking BEST ARC, and maaaaan even now I still hold out hope that Amano can reach for that kind of glory again. On the other hand, Choice also comes to mind when we're talking about set-ups like this, and the less said about that, the better. Still, enthusiasm beats out cautious optimism for now. XD

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"we got the fucking Varia Arc, which was the fucking BEST ARC, and maaaaan even now I still hold out hope that Amano can reach for that kind of glory again"

PREACH. Man, I miss that shit. KHR has just kinda gone all over the place. I mean, I still love it, but it's just... I dunno. Maybe it's the constant introduction of new characters. Focus on the ones you've had around for ages but you haven't developed yet, Amano!

Not Really On Topic...

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>>I know that's how it always starts, and then the crushing disappointment comes along later on

I know what you mean, but still my favorite arc is the Inheritance, even though it's the most poorly executed arc in terms of plot. It's the first time Amano focuses so strongly on the characters, showing us WHY every guardian follows Tsuna, how Tsuna finds a friend that he can call "best", and a very interesting story, after all; what disappointed me was that, despite the premises and the general plot were AWESOME, she received some 'advice' from the editor to tone down the angst. I could honestly perceive Amano kinda forced herself with the ridicolous Daemon-upgrades during the latter part of the arc, and I have the feeling she wanted to partially tell a different story. The plot holes kind of suggest she was forced to take another route, because Crime and Punishment were NEVER EXPLAINED. Crime was supposed to be "blood of war that shall not be forgotten", and I used to be sure Giotto collected it from Cozzato's dead body, but then we discovered that he survived, and so what about that fuckin' blood vial? There's no explaination. I think Amano had originally planned for Cozzato to fucking die by Daemon's hands, but then she had to change plans and she kind of lost interest in telling a story that wasn't the one she meant to tell. Just a feeling.

And now I'm pumped up to write fanfiction and I have to study instead, DAMMIT.

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If you like this kind of setting so much, you should definitely check out the "Mai HiME" anime. In fact, it's pretty similar to KHR in some regards...only with 70% of the cast being female instead of male: it starts out light-hearted enough with a dozen fan service and a lot of uncovered truths about the heroines' powers, and around episode eight shit starts to get real. There are a dozen unexpected plot twists, with amazing psychology and character development to boot. Did I mention Yuki Kajiura wrote the music?

*end of shameless advertising*

Oh God, a battle based on hugs would have been grand. 8) It would take much more courage for Tsuna to hug Xanxus than to hit him, too. But Shitt P. would beat everyone at that game.

I will take the risk of getting excited for this arc, if only because it's bringing a lot of great characters back and the setting is awesome.

Hey, since Reborn is apparently recruiting one person at a time as a representative and it doesn't have to involve all of Tsuna's guardians... could he take Bianchi? PLEAAAASE? We haven't had any Tsuna-Gokudera-Yamamoto-Bianchi team-up since the Kokuyou arc and that was FOREVER AGO! Heck, I would even forgive Amano if she dropped Chrome and picked Bianchi. At least it would make sense coming from Reborn, considering one of their opponents is Mukurou...