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The Arcoarc continues!

Though at this point it's getting to be more like The Reunion Arc.


We open with a cover page featuring CEDEF, the most rugged of all the teams, led by Tsuna's dad and his five o'clock shadow. Between this cover and the title "Dad's coming home", who knows what will happen in this chapter? IT'S ANYONE'S GUESS. Anyway, we cut to Tsunomichi who is meeting his boss Checkers, who is sitting in a chair under a dramatic spotlight and OH MY GOD, that is really his name. HIS NAME ACTUALLY IS CHECKERS. ALMOST. Heeheehee. Hilarious! Checkers is all "Hey did you explain everything?" and Michi is all, "YEP!" All of the babies have had their watches delivered successfully! JUST AS PLANNED. I guess.

Cut to Tsuna, struggling in vain to sleep in on a Sunday, but it's very hard to do so when this keeps popping up in your window:


So Tsuna wakes up more fully and realizes that his dad is back home and dicking around on a trampoline. Iemitsu is as thrilled to see Tsuna as Tsuna is not thrilled to see him, but as soon as Tsuna starts griping, his mom steps in and sorts him right out. After another page or so of hilarious family drama, the rest of the CEDEF gang show up with Colonnello, and Tsuna realizes that OH MY GOD HE'S GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT HIS OWN FATHER. Before he can freak out over this as much as he really ought to, Reborn distracts him by pointing out that hey it's Lal Mirch! He then proceeds to gay it up with Colonnello while Tsuna does the same with Basil.

Unfortunately, all that concentrated gay is like the KHR equivalent of "BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE", and sure enough, Byakuran is summoned right on cue. Everyone FREAKS THE FUCK OUT, but before they can do anything, Byakuran is all "oh this is where Tsunayoshi-kun lives! " and flies up with his AMAZING FUCKING TINY FAIRY WINGS to look around, causing everyone to be like, "......ah. What." But Tsuna's hyper-intuition can tell that something has changed about the guy, and before even a minute has passed Byakuran and he are chatting away for all the world like they aren't a former homicidal world-conquering maniac and the guy that killed the maniac, respectively. Bygones!

Then Byakuran is all "HERP DERP LET'S FORM AN ALLIANCE" and wham bam the chapter ends. HEY... WAIT.


  • Who the fuck is "Tameryuku"? I have no memory of him whatsoever. He looks like he could be one of the Ninth's four unimportant guardians who aren't Coyote or Ganauche III. So much so that if you put them all in a lineup and asked me to pick out which of the five didn't belong, I'd probably screw up and pick like. Nie Brow or whoever the fuck.
  • Speaking of the Ninth's guardians, SOMEONE SHOULD RECRUIT GANAUCHE AS A REPRESENTATIVE. I didn't realize how much I wanted to see Ganauche fight again until right this second.
  • Let's take it one step further! Reborn still has one empty spot on his team (assuming they do manage to get Hibari on board). He should recruit Ganauche III. DO IT DO IT DO IIIIIIT.
  • I want a room with a single chair placed under a lone dramatic spotlight. People would be all "wow, who does that" and I'd be like "I DO, BITCH."
  • No way does Nana really still think Iemitsu works for an oil company, any more than Haru and Kyoko were really fooled by all those sumo competitions. Right??
  • "If she's ten years younger and she's a baby, that means... she's THAT young?!" Oh, Tsuna, your complete inability to comprehend the fact that MAYBE JUST MAYBE THEIR REAL FORMS AREN'T BABIES is just... well, okay, right now it's adorable. But before long, it is going to be sad. Sad and adorable.
  • Speaking of adorable, on page 12 Tsuna is so tiny and wide-eyed that I just don't even.
  • "Was that a magic trick?" Nana. w-why.

  • Why is there a CEDEF shocked-faces panel and Basil is not in it. :/!
  • Wonder what business Uni is attending to...
  • Gotta love Byakuran's complete and utter lack of shame. "Hey, Tsuna, come form an alliance with me! I swear it's the best decision you'll ever make! The last mafia family to ally themselves with me wasn't screwed over at all!"

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I expressed lots of similar thoughts on this chapter. So many things wrong, yet hilarious at the same time. If Nana turns out to be the ultimate badass I will cheer so hard.

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Tameryuku = Tumeric, I think.

Other than that, not much to add. Except that Byakuran's tiny fairy wings are FABULOUS.

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I love how Basil and Tsuna are like: *hugs* :D I missed you, man! I don't remember them actually hanging out all that much before, but I guess the Power of Friendship knows no geographical bounds.

I fucking love that Byakuran just has tiny fairy wings. No explanation, no obvious magic power or anything, he just HAS them. It's beautiful! (They are beautiful.) And ah, everyone freaking the fuck out for like one second and then wait, no, it's cool, he's just looking at Tsuna's house and starting a conversation. Okay. Missing high-security prisoner showing up at your future boss' house, whatever, we get those all the time.

I want a room with a single chair placed under a lone dramatic spotlight. People would be all "wow, who does that" and I'd be like "I DO, BITCH."


Gotta love Byakuran's complete and utter lack of shame. "Hey, Tsuna, come form an alliance with me! I swear it's the best decision you'll ever make! The last mafia family to ally themselves with me wasn't screwed over at all!"

I guess he has some clout because of Yamamoto and his "refreshing aura" thing, along with being Uni's representative leader, but hah, yeah. SHAMELESS.

This chapter is fantastic, really.

Iemitsu is as thrilled to see Tsuna as Tsuna is not thrilled to see him

I get the feeling Tsuna kind of really hates his dad. Never there, always a lazy bum when he IS there, lied about his life to his son for years, the reason Tsuna is forced to be in the mafia . . . the list goes on. Also the fact that Tsuna was totally willing to believe that Iemitsu had murdered Enma's family. They seem get on alright-ish, but I think that's partly because Tsuna never has to put up with him for long.

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I was kinda frustrated by Nana's whole "YOUR FATHER IS SO <3" because if you think about it, he virtually just dumped her at home to raise Tsuna (and all of his delinquent friends) on her own while he runs off sitting at a desk not doing anything. And she acts like a woman who purposely plays dumb to deceive herself into thinking that her husband still loves her etc etc D:
Although yeah we all know that Ismitsu really does love her BUT STILL D:D:D:

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So you noticed that very cuddly Tsuna on page twelve, too. I'm glad it wasn't just me. I swear Tsuna, sooner or later someone is bound to kidnap you. Good thing you have guardians.

It's kind of endearing how Tsuna keeps trying to have nomal friendships... "Yay, Basil is sleeping over! Where's the monopoly?" Too bad the only friends he has grew up thinking fighting is the only way to socialize.

Iemitsu, eager to fight his own son. Sir, you fail as a father. I'm not sure whether the fact that he actually seems to like Tsuna makes it better or worse.

OMG how did I miss Byakuran's tiny wings?! XD I guess I was too distracted by his pe-ree-ty white dragon and just assumed that's what allowed him to fly... Now I want an idol!Mukuro vs FairyPrincess!Byakuran fight. And Verde had better record the whole thing!

As for later chapters: Gee, is no one going to suggest picking Bianchi as a representative? Mentioning Shamal made sense, but they seriously considered LANCIA before her? X( And did they forget that Chrome exists? I know she wouldn't want to fight Mukuro, but c'mon, as a guardian doesn't she at least deserve to take part in reunions? *sulks*

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It was Turmeric. And we are unfortunate that the current translators for KHR are not dedicated fans, who only correct name spellings with explicitly called on them.

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i don't read the chapters any more. i just read your summaries.

no regrets.

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oh byakuran, I just wanna buy clothes and dress up as you XD

but your dragon is so pretttty!!!! wait, that came out kinda double entendre-ish...

soooo.....overthinking things again...but technically isn't byakuran from this age, unlike Yuni? And yes, thanks to Yuni's deus ex machina 10 years in the future MEMORY RESTORE POWER *TWINKLE* everyone knows what happened....BUT! Shouldn't that mean they cut bya-bya a liiiiitle slack? He's not the dude who conquered all parallel worlds anymore he's....the dude who.....would most likely do that if he had the chance....nvm idk anymore

hey....can spanner and shouichi get in on this representative rainbow fun? tsuna's group *does* have a couple seats open...just sayin'
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I'd like to think Nana knows more than she shows, just like how future Kyoko seems so knowledgeable *o* It's a lovely thought rather than thinking every girl in this manga is stupid (other than Lal Milch and Oregano~? CEDEF so awesome ;///;)

Basil and Tsuna gay moment XD It felt like flowers will bloom around (if this was shoujo that would definitely happen). OMG now I wanna see Tsuna and Enma with Basil. It will be so much fun :D

Byakuraaaan♥ As much as I love him, forming an alliance with him is just so weird~ If they make an alliance, then I assume there will be a Tsuna x Iemitsu x Byakuran x Enma alliance... Mukuro and Xanxus will not go with other groups, I guess.

Oh and fairy wings + small dragon = whut byakuran whut. You're so adorable♥
Now I wanna see Fon And Kawahira and Shou-chan and Spanner!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!!!! Hope you're happily enjoying your bday and may your dreams be filled of unf-dressed Reborn! characters XD

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Thank you! ♥ And I'm sure they will be (well, you know, AREN'T THEY ALWAYS, lol)!

OH AND. I have been HORRIBLE about getting back to you about your insanely cool and generous offer, but I would LOVE the poster if you still have it and are willing to send it, and you have no idea how flabbergasted I am that you are offering it (SO FLABBERGASTED!) but I would be ridiculously happy if you are still down with that! And I can pay COD charges or anything too. Or like... Paypal you for the shipping?? Idk I just don't want it to be a hassle for you or anything.

So, let me know, and I can PM you my address (and once again, if my absurd lateness is at all a problem and you no longer have it or can't send it, it is absolutely fine) and we can work this thing out. HELL YEAH. BD


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woot woot!

I can still send it! Although just give me a couple of weeks to find an envelope, and then actually find the time to go to the post office cuz most of them are closed in japan by the time I get out of work, which means waiting to go during lunch time XD (also it kinda got bent in my process of moving from tokyo to the countryside D:)

Umm I have paypal! And idk the cost yet,but once I figure it out I'll let you know!!!

I hope you're not freezing anymore! *sends warm fuzzy thoughts your way*

And tanget but, OMG ur hair takes forever to get straightened tooo! And ur sisters were so cute!!!

NANOWRIMO FTW! I haven't started yet either! dammit i was aiming for 2000 words a day!!!! i'll need to start a damn account first!!!!

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Haha, awesome! Take your time though, no rush at all. I'll send you the address over PM... actually, let me just do that right after this comment, since lord knows how badly I'll derp up and put it off if I don't right now. (And no worries if it's bent! ADDS CHARACTER.)

I'm pretty warm now, thank you! Fleece hoodies are a godsend in that regard. And YES, OH MY GOD, IT TAKES FOREVER. And it's entirely my fault for being too chickenshit to cut it all off (it just... it took so long to get it to this length, orz). ALAS; at least I'm not the only one, lol.

Sob, as of now my NaNo word count is... 3628. As opposed to 11,669, which is apparently what it ought to be by this stage of the process... oh well, in spite of that, this is still better than I expected it to be. XD