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Birthdate:Oct 28
Location:New Jersey, United States of America

[info]makeste (Julie):
  • is a mild-mannered cubicle dweller whose dream is to write full-time (but whose reality has yet to conform to this).

  • loves to ramble about things (particularly fandom things).

  • is the kind of annoying person who likes lots of things and dislikes very few things, which means many of her posts are all gushing and no real substance.

  • adores gen in all its forms.

  • can't draw to save her life, but likes to think she can sort of kind of write.

  • is, at the end of the day, a fangirl, and very content with this.

[info]makeste's fandoms include:
  • ace attorney • avatar: the last airbender • the bartimaeus trilogy • chaos walking • the chronicles of narnia • cowboy bebop • the dark tower • death note • detective conan • dexter • digimon • durarara!! • firefly • fullmetal alchemist • harry potter • his dark materials • homestuck • house m.d. • how i met your mother • inuyasha • katekyo hitman reborn!legend of zelda • lord of the rings • lost • naruto • no more heroes • the office • one piece • samurai champloo • scott pilgrim • star trek • star wars • vision of escaflowne

[info]makeste's journal:
  • is not friends-only.

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