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BEFORE I GET TO THE ESSAY, a quick note for anyone who is on LJ and/or Dreamwidth exclusively--pretty much all of my KHR reviews these days are only posted on tumblr. Because I am super lazy, and cross-posting stuff requires me to do a little more typing and clicking and OH MY GOD IT'S SO MUCH WORK!1 (I'm sorry, did I say lazy, I meant fail. XD)

If anyone is interested, I finally went back and tagged my tumblr reviews with the 'yay new chapter' tag, so... yeah. They're there! That is where they are.

Anyway, so yeah, KHR 378 came out and an essay happened, idk.

1500 words on KHR characters. This is a cut that is definitely worth clicking. )
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So there's a meme going around that tells you which of the nine Enneagram personality types you are (I'm a 5, myself), and I was like, "Hey, these things look familiar." Then I remembered that two years ago, I had started an essay-thing discussing the Enneagram types of Tsuna and the Vongola guardians. Only I never managed to solidly pin down Hibari, or Mukuro; I did choose types for them, but I wasn't as sure of them as I'd have liked to be. And so I never really finished that post; it always felt a little incomplete.

Happily, I had too much spare time on my hands today, so I've gone back and dusted it off. :D

Cut for giant walls of text in which I scientifically analyze a bunch of fictional characters. )

Pretty soon I'll stop procrastinating and get to the rest of the comments on my last post, too; sorry guys. XD And speaking of procrastination/being late, Happy Birthday to [ profile] vazavati and [ profile] rodickparker!
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So [ profile] ekmisao and I were talking about the latest chapter and the new rings and what that might mean for the next arc, and it got me to wondering about where the series might go next after the Future Arc concludes, and who the next villain might be, and so forth.

And somehow the speculation got longer and longer until it turned into an essay thing. OH DEAR.

Cut for my rambling. )

ETA: Haha so I've been a fail replier again this week. XD Sorry; getting to that now!


Feb. 21st, 2010 08:30 pm
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Holy shit there's so many!!

From [ profile] erisabesu:

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along.

She chose Stephen King, Hibari/zombie!Kusakabe, The Chronicles of Narnia, One Piece, NaruSasu, Theories, and Manga. )

And then [ profile] cleartempest gave me KHR, Naruto, and Phoenix Wright for the three fandom meme that probably all of you are familiar with by this point. :P

Wait, all that rambling, and I'm still only a third of a way through this post? )

And [ profile] cleartempest gave me this one too because I asked her because I am addicted to rambly memes:

Leave a comment saying, "I'M ON A HORSE" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

She gave me Radiohead, REBORN, black belt-ery, general geekery, and books you like, so I will type about those things.

Almost done now...! )


anon meme

Oh my god that took hours. XD Let me know if you want to do any of the memes. o/

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I've been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy extended editions with my sis over the past week or so (long movies are long haha), and the more I watched, the less I could shake the random fanthought that holy shit, Gokudera is exactly like Sam. Like, to the point where they could almost be AU personality twins. I submit to you: Samwise Gamgee is a) beautifully, selflessly, obsessively loyal, b) hilariously mistrusting of anyone or anything he thinks might have the slightest negative impact on Frodo, c) surprisingly practical, d) surprisingly badass, and e) a dork. EH?


SAM: [has an awww moment with Frodo in the boat when he swears never to abandon him]
ME: Oh wow, he's just like Gokudera!

SAM: [is all in favor of killing Gollum because he DOESN'T TRUST HIM!!! and is extremely sulky about Frodo's decision to have him lead them to Mordor]
ME: Hahaha he really is like Gokudera!

SAM: [is having a giggly nerd moment at seeing a pair of oliphaunts]
ME: lol.

SAM: [is rationing Lembas bread so that they'll have enough, which means forgoing some of his own share so that his beloved Frodo can keep his strength up]
ME: Okay...

SAM: [is ranting to Frodo about how Gollum is clearly going to BETRAY and KILL them at any moment, but comes off as so hilariously paranoid that it's really hard to take him seriously even though he's totally right]
ME: ...

SAM: [takes on a giant spider like it's nothing because FUCK YOU, STAY AWAY FROM MR. FRODO. >( After stabbing it like a total badass, he later goes on to kill some orcs further on in his rescue attempt because why the hell not.]
ME: ......

SAM: [gets his ass kicked by GOLLUM OF ALL PEOPLE like an idiot. Twice.]
ME: Damn.

So yeah. And now it's my headcanon that, since we all know Gokudera's read Lord of the Rings (seeing as he's a HUGE NERD), Samwise the Brave is totally his favorite character. So just who is the real nerd here? I choose to plead the fifth.
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METAPHORICAL SCISSORS. Which hopefully I won't trip and fall and kill myself with. Haha, we'll see. XD

This is mostly [ profile] jote_jote and [ profile] demoneyeskyo87's fault! :P But it's also something I've kind of wanted to post for a while, because even though when it comes to KHR I pretty much exclusively write gen, I do still ship things! And 8059 is one of them. And so this is a post about why I like 8059.

Please note the wording of that, btw--this is an essay about why I like it! Not why it's canon, or why it is the best pairing ever!! or anything like that. That would require much more logic and research than I am willing to put into this. XD So yeah, it's just my explanation for why I ship it.

My very, very long-winded explanation. )

And now I can go back to failing at writing my officially-late [ profile] khrfest fics. YAY. (Also, Happy Belated Birthday, [ profile] nonoji! Hope you had a great day. ♥)
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From [ profile] poisontea:

Give me a character from any fandom you know that I know and I will tell you:

a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.

Man but I love character memes.

(Also, thanks to [ profile] valorously and [ profile] o_melody_nelson for the snowflake cookies. ♥)

ETA: LOL, for some reason LJ's not sending comment notifications, so I didn't realize anyone had replied until I logged in again and HELLO, WHAT'S THIS? XD Ilu guys. <3
ETA 2: OFF TO BED NOW, will finish these tomorrow. and maybe someone will take pity on me and give Gokudera some love too? Just, you know, so I have extra motivation to finish...! Yes. XD

OH MY GOD I'M FINALLY DONE. XDDD This was way too much fun, though. ♥


Nov. 24th, 2009 05:54 pm
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So here are the answers to the meme I posted yesterday afternoon. |D


1. Shouichi
2. Uni
3. Yamamoto
4. Gamma
5. Tsuna
6. Gokudera
7. Zakuro
8. Byakuran
9. Squalo
10. Haru
11. Reborn
12. Mukuro
13. Hibari
14. Lambo
15. Wall

And somehow this meme evolved to include chocolate, Hard Gay, and a baby duck. )
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So today is October 14, which means it is Tsuna's birthday! (AND ALSO, it means that yesterday was Reborn's birthday! MANY HAPPY RETURNS, YOU LUNATIC SUPERBABY.) And since I'm in a fangirlish mood, I decided to do another tribute post like I did last year for Gokudera. \o/

So, keeping in mind that my favorite Tsuna moments might not necessarily match up with everyone else's (mostly because I actually prefer cute uncertain loser mode to bitchin' awesome dying will mode, just a bit), here's my Top Ten Tribute to Tsuna. OR TTTTT FOR SHORT.

I wonder if you'd pronounce that with one long 'T' sound or a bunch of short stuttering 'T' sounds. )

And before I forget, in case I'm not around tomorrow (and since we're on the subject of birthdays anyway), Happy Birthday to [ profile] cleartempest and [ profile] leriko_rasen! YOU GUYS FUCKING ROCK. ♥ ♥ ♥
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A.k.a. "How to Kill People with a Bird, a Dog and a Bamboo Sword."

This is mainly just for my own reference, since I'm in the process of trying to write a fic featuring a battle between Yamamoto and Gokudera. But I figured I might as well post it in case anyone else is interested.

(Note: There are a lot of Japanese sword terms under the cut; this is a pretty good translation reference.)

'Shigure Souen Ryu is always perfect and flawless... absolute and invincible.' )
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How shocking!

Took both of these from [ profile] rikasaurus. ♥

Leave me a comment and I will give you a letter.
Then, write 10 things that you love starting with that letter.
Post the list in your journal.
Give out letters to your commenters in return.

She gave me the letter G. 8D



Reply to this meme by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

My words: )

I'm probably too zonked to think of words to give out to everyone, but I'll be more than happy to give out letters.

Also, on a completely unrelated note: how is it that stuff like this is still happening in Iran and yet all the front page of CNN cares about is Michael Jackson? Seriously, enough already. :|
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Having finally recovered some of my brain function from Thursday, and having now read the actual scanlation of the latest chapter, I feel a little vindicated about some old theories, and a little speculative about some new ones.

And above all, I'm feeling kinda rambly, because this chapter still has me all revved up. SO HERE'S A BRAND NEW THEORY POST COMIN' ATCHA.

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So I was reading this delightful fic this morning (which incidentally you should all check out because it lives and bleeds awesome; GUARDIANS LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE, come on), and I thoughtlessly added it to my memories afterward without a care! ONLY TO REALIZE some time later that this act had inadvertently left me with a total of 59 memorable entries. 59. This is a problem, because clearly I can no longer mem anything ever again now. Unless it's like 21 (or 10, or 27, or 37) things all at once or something. Curse you arbitrary number system and your infusing pointless things with fangirlish meaning!

And I'm holding off on posting about the latest chapter for now because I want a full translation before I go nuts with the theorizing. But on a subject not related to spoilers, is this or is this not the coolest pic ever? COLOR-CODED, EVEN. I need that calendar scanned so bad, omg.

Lastly, I got a fedora so that I can wear it with a suit tomorrow and be a mobster for Halloween. Because I can. 8D


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