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Oct. 12th, 2011 12:03 am
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But first, thanks for all the links in the last post! My tumblr is now off to a nice tumbling start. If anyone else has tumblrs please don't hesitate to add me and I will add you back and THE TUMBLING CIRCLE WILL BE COMPLETE. I just like saying the word tumblr and variations thereof, and will continue to make excuses to do so at any opportunity.

This chapter which I am about to review has nothing to do with tumblr, or tumbling! )


Nov. 24th, 2009 05:54 pm
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So here are the answers to the meme I posted yesterday afternoon. |D


1. Shouichi
2. Uni
3. Yamamoto
4. Gamma
5. Tsuna
6. Gokudera
7. Zakuro
8. Byakuran
9. Squalo
10. Haru
11. Reborn
12. Mukuro
13. Hibari
14. Lambo
15. Wall

And somehow this meme evolved to include chocolate, Hard Gay, and a baby duck. )
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It is now Friday, October 30. Boy, I sure am excited for Halloween tomorrow. And did you guys hear, there's a new KHR chapter out!

Chapter 264! It's so cutting-edge! )

And now I'm off to travel a week into the future and review the NEXT chapter too, because I am determined to turn being late into a superpower.
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I DO, AS A MATTER OF FACT. |D I had a job interview today which went really well, much to my relief (particularly since I spent the entire week being stomachachingly, panic-attackingly nervous over it), and when I finally got home from that there was a nice new KHR chapter waiting for me. With more color pages. And various assorted epicness.

And also an absurd Japanese popularity poll. But other than that, it's all good. )
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Years after everyone on my flist posted their reviews of KHR 254, I am finally posting my own! On the plus side, by being awkwardly and unfashionably late, I did get to avoid the use of the much-maligned INP scanlation (aka the one that introduced the mysterious new character "Yuni"), and read the shiny I Eat Manga scanlation instead.

Spoilers: It turns out there is no such person as Yuni! )


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