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2012-06-19 11:02 pm

Reborn! fic - The Bachelor

Title - The Bachelor
Rating - PG-13 for Gokudera’s perpetually inappropriate mouth
Characters - Tsuna, Gokudera, Reborn, Haru, Kyoko, and Enma
Notes/Warnings - Spoilers for the Inheritance Arc. Also, please note that THIS IS CRACK, THIS IS NOT IN ANY WAY A SERIOUS PAIRING FIC. So just sit back and roll with it and we’re good. /o/
Summary - Reborn decides it’s time to marry Tsuna off. Gokudera decides the best way to do it is via quiz show, à la The Dating Game. Tsuna decides nothing, because Tsuna has no control over his life.

'It's time we made an honest man out of you.' )
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2012-04-24 07:03 pm

Reborn! fic - The Shadow Sword

Title - The Shadow Sword (Part 1?)
Rating - R (for language and mafia violence)
Characters - Yamamoto Takeshi, Superbi Squalo, Enrico

Notes - So once upon a time, I wrote an AU fic where Tsuna was the Vongola Tenth, Gokudera was his right hand and an active member of the Varia, and Yamamoto was their feared and hated enemy. :’D Plans for a sequel, however, were eventually thwarted by the fact that I am a spectacular failure.

However! Two and a half years later, I still have more than 3,000 words of a prequel to this AU just lying around on my hard drive doing whatever it is problem child fics do. So I decided to dig it up and dust it off because in spite of everything, I still really like it, and because hey, it is his birthday after all. :P

This should be more or less self-contained, though it may end a bit abruptly (can’t be helped). It helps if you’ve read Down the Stairs, but I don’t think it’s a requirement.

Summary - AU; prequel to Down the Stairs. How Yamamoto Takeshi, the Mafia world’s most feared assassin, ended up on the wrong side of the wrong side of the law.

It began with his father. )
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2012-03-25 07:37 pm

“If you think that, then it’s as if Sawada Tsunayoshi has two fathers.”


BEFORE I GET TO THE ESSAY, a quick note for anyone who is on LJ and/or Dreamwidth exclusively--pretty much all of my KHR reviews these days are only posted on tumblr. Because I am super lazy, and cross-posting stuff requires me to do a little more typing and clicking and OH MY GOD IT'S SO MUCH WORK!1 (I'm sorry, did I say lazy, I meant fail. XD)

If anyone is interested, I finally went back and tagged my tumblr reviews with the 'yay new chapter' tag, so... yeah. They're there! That is where they are.

Anyway, so yeah, KHR 378 came out and an essay happened, idk.

1500 words on KHR characters. This is a cut that is definitely worth clicking. )
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2012-02-17 09:10 pm

Reborn! fic - Brother, Can You Spare Some Change

Title: Brother, Can You Spare Some Change
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Characters: The Varia!
Notes/Warnings: I am sick and running on fumes and recklessly inspired by the last couple of KHR chapters. So I wrote some bizarre and stupid Varia daily life fic. Please judge me mercifully.

Also, Lussuria is Lussuria, okay. Some forces cannot be tamed.

Summary: Squalo needs a dollar.

'VOIIIIIII,' voied Squalo voifully. )
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2012-01-25 10:43 pm


I forgot to cross-post my last KHR review from tumblr. ...And the last, idk, five or six or possibly even ten before that. XD Whoops.

Anyway though, this week's review finally got long enough that it didn't feel awkward to cross-post it to DW and LJ as well. So I am just going to do that now! (For reference--my own, mostly--the previous tumblr reviews can be found if you scroll back a little ways through the KHR tag here.)

So hey, LJ and Dreamwidth actually have cuts! That sure is nice.

You don't have to scroll past any of this if you choose not to! And trust me, it is a fair bit to scroll past. XD )
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2011-12-02 11:48 pm


Because I have no patience for comment limits, and because my fingers apparently will just not stop typing words.

This is the response to [ profile] misamiera’s request from this meme. The KHR request. Which would explain why, three questions in, the word count for the comment was at about 2,000 words.

Click here for 2k words of rambling about Gokudera, Tsuna, and Reborn! )


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2011-10-17 09:49 pm

Idk how SNL does it.

Weekend Updates just never seem to get done when I'm the one doing them. Monday and Tuesday updates are a lot easier. XD

Anyway, back to the KHR catch-up! Just two last chapters to go.

KHR 356 )
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2011-10-12 12:03 am

KHR 354

But first, thanks for all the links in the last post! My tumblr is now off to a nice tumbling start. If anyone else has tumblrs please don't hesitate to add me and I will add you back and THE TUMBLING CIRCLE WILL BE COMPLETE. I just like saying the word tumblr and variations thereof, and will continue to make excuses to do so at any opportunity.

This chapter which I am about to review has nothing to do with tumblr, or tumbling! )
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2011-10-10 09:36 pm

I got a tumblr!

o/ EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS TUMBLRS, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOUR TUMBLRS ARE SO THAT I MIGHT FOLLOW YOUR TUMBLRS AND THUS COMMENCE TUMBLING WITH MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY. Which, if I understand the workings of tumblr correctly, means that my efficiency in virtually every other aspect of my life will take a dive soon afterward. XD

Moving on, KHR 352!

Something Something Cut Text )
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2011-10-05 09:29 pm

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

This has nothing to do with the chapter I’m about to review, I'm just mentioning it because I only just heard and it was really a blow to the gut. Wow. The guy was a legend, he’ll really be missed. :(

At any rate, though, we will continue our revisitation (is that a word??) of the last ten or so KHR chapters with chapter 349.

In which Amano and Daily Life had one last sweet summer fling. )

ETA: Sorry about that, the formatting should be fixed now. XD
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2011-07-23 06:35 pm


NRGH I have like this list of things to do whenever I have spare time and am near a computer, and it goes like, "POST PICS FROM THE HP71/2 PREMIERE" and "FINISH UP THAT MEME" and "WORK ON UNDERCOVER FIC" and "POST RECAP/REACTION POST FROM NEW CHAPTER" and only one of those things ever seems to get done! XD Well, good progress has also been made on the fic, I suppose, but not soon enough for it to actually be an Undercover fic any more, sadly. I'm still having a lot of fun with that thing, though.

Anyway, time to get to the one thing I can still manage to reliably do on the Internet.

That thing of course being CAPSLOCK. )
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2011-07-12 09:55 pm



But... happy? I guess?? )

P.S. so on Saturday my sis was caller number 7 to 102.7 Fresh FM and won tickets to the NYC premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (PART 2!!), and then on Monday we totally fucking WENT to that premiere, baby, we went there and we SAW that movie, dudes. We saw the shit out of it. AND IT WAS AMAAAAAAAZINNNG and I really should just do a whole separate post on that but it was one of those things where I just have so many ~feelings~ about it that I'm not really sure how to put it into words. But probably maybe I will make a post about it in a day or so with pictures and lots of capslocking about how HOLY SHIT I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM WITH RUPERT GRINT EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE LIKE A THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE THERE, *FAINT*. For now, though, I just had to mention it because it would be pretty ridiculous if the most interesting thing that has happened to me in like years just came and went and the next day all I posted about was KHR.

Though in fairness, seriously! WHY IS IT OUT ON A TUESDAY. ?? Well, whatever.