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This has nothing to do with the chapter I’m about to review, I'm just mentioning it because I only just heard and it was really a blow to the gut. Wow. The guy was a legend, he’ll really be missed. :(

At any rate, though, we will continue our revisitation (is that a word??) of the last ten or so KHR chapters with chapter 349.

In which Amano and Daily Life had one last sweet summer fling. )

ETA: Sorry about that, the formatting should be fixed now. XD


Jul. 23rd, 2011 06:35 pm
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NRGH I have like this list of things to do whenever I have spare time and am near a computer, and it goes like, "POST PICS FROM THE HP71/2 PREMIERE" and "FINISH UP THAT MEME" and "WORK ON UNDERCOVER FIC" and "POST RECAP/REACTION POST FROM NEW CHAPTER" and only one of those things ever seems to get done! XD Well, good progress has also been made on the fic, I suppose, but not soon enough for it to actually be an Undercover fic any more, sadly. I'm still having a lot of fun with that thing, though.

Anyway, time to get to the one thing I can still manage to reliably do on the Internet.

That thing of course being CAPSLOCK. )
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But... happy? I guess?? )

P.S. so on Saturday my sis was caller number 7 to 102.7 Fresh FM and won tickets to the NYC premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (PART 2!!), and then on Monday we totally fucking WENT to that premiere, baby, we went there and we SAW that movie, dudes. We saw the shit out of it. AND IT WAS AMAAAAAAAZINNNG and I really should just do a whole separate post on that but it was one of those things where I just have so many ~feelings~ about it that I'm not really sure how to put it into words. But probably maybe I will make a post about it in a day or so with pictures and lots of capslocking about how HOLY SHIT I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM WITH RUPERT GRINT EVEN THOUGH THERE WERE LIKE A THOUSAND OTHER PEOPLE THERE, *FAINT*. For now, though, I just had to mention it because it would be pretty ridiculous if the most interesting thing that has happened to me in like years just came and went and the next day all I posted about was KHR.

Though in fairness, seriously! WHY IS IT OUT ON A TUESDAY. ?? Well, whatever.
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Chapter 315 review is forthcoming, though I might not get to it until tomorrow due to unavoidable circumstances such as SEEING HARRY FUCKING POTTER AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, FUCK YEAH.

Anyway, I've been watching too much How I Met Your Mother recently, and, well...

Title: Slap Bet
Rating: PG-13 (for language and comedic violence)
Characters: Ryohei, Aoba Koyo, and assorted others.
Notes/Warnings: Like, mad spoilers right up through the latest chapters, yo.
Summary: How Ryohei and Aoba’s battle should have gone.

'This is my pride, Sasagawa Ryohei.' )
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For KHR 308, that is. Despite the fact that EVERYONE ON MY FLIST seemed to be posting about this chapter, which made me hella curious (I was waiting for IEM's release). IT WAS PRETTY TORTUROUS. But hopefully worth it!

Let's just take a look-see, then! )

And Happy Birthday to [ profile] neon_pocky, [ profile] reflectives, [ profile] rikasaurus, [ profile] migi_47, and [ profile] abyssed! SO MANY BIRTHDAYS THAT I HAVE MISSED. Many happy returns to all of you guys, and AARIKA SOB THIS MEANS I AM OFFICIALLY A YEAR LATE ON THAT RYOHEI DRABBLE (do you even remember that lol). SOB THIS IS WHY I NEVER DO GIFTFIC. It's basically like saying, "Happy Birthday! Here, HAVE A GIANT BOX OF DISAPPOINTMENT." XD

KHR 307

Sep. 24th, 2010 12:28 pm
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[blah blah I still haven't caught up with comments yet]

[blah blah failed witty attempt to segue into chapter review] )

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] waterlemon_chi and [ profile] beruichi! ♥ Also, whoa, what happened to the little LJ toolbar icons, this is weird. *_*
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And another day of logging in and seeing this:

I have decided this is what I will be devoting my weekend to. I AM GOING TO DEMOLISH THAT NUMBER PIECE BY PIECE.

But in the meantime...

KHR 306, now with 50% more Naruto references! )

And happy belated birthday to [ profile] achiasa, [ profile] masanami, and [ profile] draconianangel! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. <3
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Again with the infrequent updating! Anyway, Happy Birthday to [ profile] cobizah! Sorry I'm late, but I hope you had fun. ♥

I feel like it was someone else's birthday too yesterday. Someone I ought to remember, someone I've posted about in the past some 88 different times. It's on the tip of my tongue... damn it, who could it be?!

...Kawahira?? )
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TIME SURE FLIES WHEN YOU'RE BUSY NOT UPDATING YOUR JOURNAL LIKE YOU OUGHT TO BE. I have like 30-something comments that I have yet to reply to. I wish I could say this wasn't a common occurrence. XD Sorry, guys.

1. Happy Birthday to [ profile] kat8cha, [ profile] starlinglove, and [ profile] fishkro! That's interesting; it appears that the end of August/start of September is a prime time for awesome people to be born. Hope you all had fun! ♥

2. For the record, I have no issue if anyone wants to link my public posts to Facebook or Twitter or wherever. If I did, they wouldn't be public posts. So go ahead (not that I really think anyone was lining up to do that in the first place).

3. AHA! KHR 304! You thought you could sneak up on me when I wasn't looking, didn't you?

Well, you sure did! Congratulations! )
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Say what you will about Binktopia, but they are fast. (And what with OP going on break for a month, next week they'll probably be even faster. I could get used to this...)

Anyway, time to get our shounen on. )
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Just a quick side note before I jump in here--I'm heading up to Lake George tomorrow to go camping for the weekend, so in all likelihood I'll be MIA until Sunday night at the earliest. There is supposedly Wi-Fi access in select parts of the campground I'm staying at, but even if I do manage to get online at some point, I probably won't have much time for LJ antics. So have a good weekend, everyone. ♥

--oh, right. The chapter. XD

Silly me. )

And since I won't be around tomorrow, as mentioned, Happy Birthday, [ profile] mecomptane! PEACE, ALL.
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So there's a meme going around that tells you which of the nine Enneagram personality types you are (I'm a 5, myself), and I was like, "Hey, these things look familiar." Then I remembered that two years ago, I had started an essay-thing discussing the Enneagram types of Tsuna and the Vongola guardians. Only I never managed to solidly pin down Hibari, or Mukuro; I did choose types for them, but I wasn't as sure of them as I'd have liked to be. And so I never really finished that post; it always felt a little incomplete.

Happily, I had too much spare time on my hands today, so I've gone back and dusted it off. :D

Cut for giant walls of text in which I scientifically analyze a bunch of fictional characters. )

Pretty soon I'll stop procrastinating and get to the rest of the comments on my last post, too; sorry guys. XD And speaking of procrastination/being late, Happy Birthday to [ profile] vazavati and [ profile] rodickparker!
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Pathetic, I know, but I couldn't help it when I was waiting on the edge of my seat for updates on the last chapter's dire circumstances.

Although if anything, the updates turned out to be even more dire. :( )

Also, I would like to use this opportunity to pass along birthday wishes to [ profile] mibelle26, [ profile] lampazo_libre, [ profile] fuchi_conejo, and [ profile] viridianphoenix, despite the fact that only one of these wishes is actually on time. Sorry. XD But Happy Birthday, guys! ♥
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You see, after being spoiled for the biggest shocker so far in this arc last week, I resolved to stay away from spoilers this time, so you'll all get to read my pure and honest reactions in this post today. Hooray!

Everyone, please accept my sincere feelings! )

ETA: Also before I get completely caught up in this whirlwind of narrative excitement, Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] rinkhals! ♥
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I think it was something like "KHR", but it's just been SO LONG, you know?

It does seem familiar, though... )

And in the likely event that I don't get around to making another post to mention it tomorrow, Happy Birthday, [ profile] phppsmss! And Happy Birthday to [ profile] escherichiacola too! ♥ ETA: AND ALSO [ profile] teruame. ♥ ♥
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Sob would you just look at this KHR addict who can't even keep her April Fool's thing going for one day. XD SO YEAH, I AM STILL DOING THIS WEEK'S CHAPTER (like I could stay away from Adelheid), and the Retrospective KHR Theatre was sadly a one-time-only thing... FOR NOW. MAYBE. Or maybe not because actually it was kinda fun, hmm.

Anyway, chapter 284 beckons!



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