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*dusts off journal*

So this review is late, of course, because I've been feeling crappy for most of the week and haven't been online much (I was getting headaches from looking at the monitor screen because I was so out of it XD). But happily, I am finally feeling better (and thanks to everyone who sent healthy thoughts and well wishes ♥), so I'm going to roll up my sleeves and do some serious LJing. STAND BACK, I'M COMING IN.

First up: Catching up with this week's markedly underwhelming chapter of KHR!

1. It appears that this cover is attempting to make us go 'bawww' at the fact that Large and Lambo used to get along so cutely but have now become fierce rivals. Which might have worked, if L&L had gotten more than three panels of paired screentime before said fierce rivalry developed. Is there anyone out there who is even remotely invested in the Lambo/Large relationship? I'm thinking no. By all means, please correct me if I'm wrong.

2. Did Lambo always have this Gokuderaish ability to entertain with a host of adorable faces? I seem to recall that in most of his previous appearances, he mostly stuck to his blandly attractive "hi wink wink I'm Lambo wink wink" face (with the occasional "OH GOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME" crybaby face tossed in for comedic effect). Now, though, he's trying all sorts of expressions on for size. Welcome to the new world of Amano's improved art style, TYL!Lambo! Have fun with the possibilities.

And thank you, Large. Because we all completely forgot how the time traveling bazooka that was the focus of a three-year-long arc that only ended twenty chapters ago worked. It's good to have this helpful reminder.

3. The Bad News: Due to his hopeless incompetence, Lambo accidentally gave himself traumatic amnesia.

The Good News: Due to his ability to read basic situational clues, he has deduced the fact that he is in the midst of an important battle! At first this may seem like a fairly unimpressive achievement, but you have to keep in mind that this is the guy who, when he was a kid, sailed to an island with an army of serious-faced mafiosi and thought "vacation!", witnessed his bestest buddy Ryohei get dragged away to Azkaban and thought "candy!", and listened to his favorite subordinate Large announce that he was going to blood-bathe him and thought "HERP DERP PLAY WITH ME 8D." When you consider that, this development seems miraculous.

4. Okay, starting to get an inkling here why this chapter got so many lukewarm reactions from my flist. XD Large, sorry to break it to you, buddy, but you're just really not an engaging character. At all.

It was kind of adorable when you showed off your bicep in that top panel, though.

5. And the lava flame is kinda cool, too. Lambo's going to have trouble fighting an attribute like that with his lightning flame. Damn.

...And wait. It's a what. ??

Okay, normally I have no issues whatsoever with IEM's translations and indeed, prefer them infinitely to Binktopia's, but I really have to question if "hoe" was the best word to use in this instance. Is this a sumo term that I'm just unfamiliar with for some reason? Or did they really decide that the fork on his head resembled a common garden tool?

6. LAMBO. I have only two things to say about your Pride!

  1. IT IS DUMB.

Although, endless lols at the fact that he's been totally cleaned out by gambling five times before the age of 16. XD

7. Blah blah lightning bull, blah blah Cambio Forma. Moving on (the "moo" was amusing, though)...

8. So Lambo, you stole your pride from Yamamoto, and then you went and stole Stalfos Mode from Genkishi? Is there anything about your fighting style you haven't ripped off from another character? Hell, even your casual approach to the fight is giving me Fran vibes. And the way you freak out over ridiculous things ("GAH IT'S HEAVY o_O") is straight-up Tsuna. GEE WHIZ, IT'S ALMOST LIKE YOU WERE RAISED BY THESE PEOPLE OR SOMETHING.

9. I don't even know what happened on this page. He said he had no clue how to use his Vongola gear, started tumbling backward, and then all of a sudden went, "WHOA, LET ME PUSH SOME BUTTONS" and his helmet got wider?? The fuck.

Oh, I see. It was an accident. That explains everything.

10. Once.

Just once.

I would like to see a shounen battle that does not begin with both characters charging RIGHT THE FUCK IN in a freaking straight line. :|


To sum up my thoughts in the aftermath of this chapter and Ryohei's fight: I don't know what jackass has been writing to Amano chapter after chapter insisting "LESS PL0T MOAR F1GHTINGS!!!!!1", but I really wish Amano would stop listening. XD

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yes, the whole fandom was like "ZOMG GENKISHI II!?"

I wholeheartedly agree with your last statement- even ranted about it in my own journal. >_< blergh.

It's sad that if a character is not drawn to be attractive, they get very little sympathy from the fanbase. If Large wasn't quite so, um, large, and was bishi material, he'd probably be liked a whole lot more.

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He looks exactly like Genkishi. Sometimes I wonder how the person who came up with stuff like the Sistema C.A.I. and Hibari's MAGIC HANDCUFFS could fail so completely at designing original power-ups for characters like Lambo and Ryohei. OR IS IT CHARACTER FAVORITISM AT WORK? :O

Yeah. It's a mixed bag for me, because on the one hand, I'm still super-excited about this arc when it comes to the plot ([ profile] amberrei wrote a fantastic post a few days ago speculating on where this arc could be headed plot-wise, and it really got the gears in my head turning), but on the other, the fighting aspect of this arc has really been a letdown so far. I guess I just have to try and hang in there.

And yeah, that's true. But idk, to me it's not his looks that turn me off so much as his lack of personality. Amano just doesn't seem to have put any effort into making any aspect of him interesting to fans. It makes me think this is going to be a fairly short fight.

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Ooh, I need to go check out that post asap--

I may pay attention to Hibari's ass-kickage in hopes to insight on his pride (which could mean character development? Am I hoping for too much?), but that's about it.

Yeah, I kind of agree.

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It's a good post; it made me more excited about this arc than I've admittedly been in a while. "Oh yeah, even though the last fight and the current fight kind of suck, there's still a shitload of awesome plot going on behind the scenes! Excellent."

Hibari and Adelheid's pride will probably have something to do with maintaining discipline, I bet. Still hoping for some character development for him myself, though. It's a slim hope, but still! (Admittedly, when that battle rolls around I'll probably be more interested in seeing Adelheid at work, though. XD)

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I have it in a tab for later *excites*

ARGH you're probably right! Maintaining discipline, bah. That means no character development...

Yes, Adelheid and her magnificent boobs. I really hope she manages to beat the crap out of Hibari. xD

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*jumps in* Thanks for mentioning me X°D

I don't think the fights are a letdown, because every character is showing its new techniques, perfect for them and everything-while the whole future arc climax featured them using the first generation techs. And, the chapters are not slow paced or anything-they're quite eventful. The matter is, we were used to the Future Arc's contemporary, intertwined fights, while now we have one-on-one fights which will NECESSARILY be fought one at a time to unlock the seven keys. That's why it's not AS GOOD as those fights were. And, the plot is evolving.
The only thing I can't honestly say I'm liking is... the design of those armors. I'm afraid for deradera =_=; he will most likely have AT LEAST a full metal automail for one of his arms (like the flame arrow, and like the ninth's storm guardian in a way) and something by his waist, but I honestly hope it will not be exaggerate. >_<' [yup, I'm biased] And I won't start thinking about Chrome. ;_;' I just hope the Vongola Voltron thing isn't true. X°°D

It appears that this cover is attempting to make us go 'bawww' at the fact that Large and Lambo used to get along so cutely but have now become fierce rivals. Which might have worked, if L&L had gotten more than three panels of paired screentime before said fierce rivalry developed. Is there anyone out there who is even remotely invested in the Lambo/Large relationship? I'm thinking no. By all means, please correct me if I'm wrong.

You're not wrong :/ I hope the anime will give us at least a Lambo/Large episode during the first act of the I.C. Arc, if it ever gets animation, that is. ._.
I must agree.

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I'm glad you're better now! &hearts Welcome back 8D

1- yeahhhhhh Large still doesn't have a personality to me. ffff. Though I did think it was cute that someone put up with Lambo...meh =|

Also, I keep thinking, "What's the point?" with all these fights considering they were supposed to be "good friends" and then the fight happens and there's pretty much no transition from 'yay friends!' to 'I hate you go die Vongola sucks' (except with the Enma case at least). There's either some kinda bullshiting from the characters at work, (and I wanna know what their honest opinions are and what they were bullshiting about; fuck it's like trying to figure out when Mukuro's telling the truth or something 8|) or just Amano's pulling crap out of her ass and putting it on paper calling it a "chapter".

Sorry for the wall of text fdjgksd this was only 1 what.

2- Yeah, Lambo looked really cute this chapter. Character development?! 8D

3- 10 years does a lot I guess. Or maybe his head got hit that hard.

5- Yeah the "hoe" thing confused me too, and now I'm too lazy to go to Binktopia's version and see what they put (though I do remember it made more sense)

10- Good luck with ever seeing that! <=|

And maybe said jackass is her editor or something (or maybe I've been reading too much Bakuman). But I susupect this fight's gonna suck, so I'm more concerned with the end of it, because I want more ~*magic memory bags*~ oh ~*"keys"*~ or whatever. And I kinda want Lambo to loose because I'm really evil and I realize that if this keeps up in Varia arc order and the Vongola keeps loosing, Tsuna really will have all his friends stripped from him one by one, but then right after Gokudera, Yamamoto'd have to come back. And then Chrome goes, which would be fun because of the whole Juile/Spade/whatever thing, and then MAYBE Chrome'll fight and MAYBE Mukuro'll so SOMETHING. And yeah. Or maybe Lambo should win because this is too obvious.

And another wall of text. Sorry D8>

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Thank you! ♥

1. I do have some sympathy for Amano, given that she had to design seven new characters (fourteen if you count Talbot and the Nonos... fifteen, including Cozart) from the ground up for this arc. I guess some of them were inevitably going to come off as flat compared to the others. So five out of seven (and it would have been six if Kaoru hadn't impaled Yamamoto and thus killed any lingering fondness I had for him) isn't too bad, I guess.

And yeah, it is annoying that we're two for two so far with the Shimon family seamlessly transitioning from being buddy-buddy with the Vongola to hating their guts. Most of the others will probably be the same way, too. I'm hoping at least Shitt P will show at least a little remorse before trying to kill Gokudera, though. She was so cool. :(

3. Lol, I bet it was a combination of both.

5. I'm gonna go check out Binktopia's version once I finally finish catching up with old comments. Because really, anything would make more sense than "hoe."


But yeah, at this point (though I confess part of me does still harbor the faint hope that Lambo will somehow pull out a miraculous victory) I've pretty much accepted that the fight itself will be nothing to write home about. I'm much more interested in the plot as well. There are still all sorts of possibilities as far as where this arc is headed, especially since Amano has set up a situation where we have what seems to be a straightforward tournament arc, except three of Vongola's competitors are currently missing, kidnapped, or otherwise incapacitated. And I'm really curious to see how that will end up working out.

And no worries about the wall of text! Long comments are always fun, even if I'm always take forever to respond to them. I've missed having long, fangirling conversations with you, though. IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG. XD

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1- Yeah it's gotta be rough trying to come up with new personalities like that... sometimes I wish she didn't have all the characters in the first place if she couldn't focus on them, fff. But yeah, at least Large and Kaoru are the only one's a don't really care for.

I really hope Shitt P is 1000 times more interesting than Aoba and Large were. I mean, even now with Large I saw it a mile away, but Aoba was surprisingly boring too. If Amano uses the same formula then...there has to be some sort of "SURPRISE WE WERE JUST TESTING YOU" thing or SOMETHING that makes the relationship flip be a little more plausibly out of nowhere. ffff

3- Most likely is XD

5- Uhhhh okay apparently it's a stag beetle... that's so far off from 'hoe' I don't even gljhksjdf but it makes more sense yeah.


Same here, I'm just gonna be checking the fight chapters out for little gems like the bit about the Shimon's informant in the Ryohei/Aoba fight, and for the amusement. Not for the "HOLY SHIT JFJHKSJGFSF!!!11!!" battle-hype. 8c But the plot itself is interesting, and I'm looking forward to how it turns out too. You're right, it is interesting that the Vongola are so...all over the place, for lack of a better term. They kinda usually are, but..the lack of having something like the Cervello making sure everything goes perfectly and that no one interferes, etc, makes the situation harder to predict (unless what I said above really does happen or something, which would actually be weird because I suck at predictions).

Aww<3, I miss these conversations with you too, it HAS been a while, heehee =)

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sometimes I wish she didn't have all the characters in the first place if she couldn't focus on them, fff

Yeah, sometimes I wish the same thing. Especially since characters then tend to disappear once their respective arcs are finished, and we never hear from then again unless they make brief cameos later on (and although said cameos are usually awesome, they also end up cluttering things up even more. Like when the Varia showed up at the end of the Future Arc and everything just got chaotic and jumbled). Plus in general, the fewer characters, the better character development--Gokudera and Ryohei's recent development in the wake of Yamamoto's injury is proof of that. But on the other hand, I really love most of the characters she comes up with, so I'm torn. Gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose.

Shitt P is such a bizarre character, it'll kill me if Amano wastes all of it by turning her into the same type of revenge-seeking miniboss that Aoba and Large turned out to be. She deserves better, dammit.

5. The stag beetle thing definitely makes more sense. Stag beetles use their horns (or I guess they're actually jaws, come to think) to wrestle each other in pretty much the same way Lambo and Large are doing now, come to think, so that's probably what it is. Kinda surprised IEM didn't pick up on that, but I guess nobody's perfect. XD

10. XD

The way it's all set up, I'm wondering if some of the characters will end up fighting twice (Gokudera and Tsuna, possibly), or if someone else will show up to take Yamamoto and possibly Hibari or Chrome's places. Either way, it's going to be interesting. That's one thing that I'm still really excited about in this arc, actually--no matter what happens, once we get up to Kaoru's fight, there has to be a twist, even if that twist is just Yamamoto himself showing up out of the blue. It's things like that that keep me from losing faith in this arc. Right now it may be a bit dull, but there's still a lot of good stuff to come. :D

oh god this comment desu~

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It sucks when characters that barely got screen time get pushed aside, but yeah, I guess there's ups and downs to it desu~.

Yeah, I love Shitt P desu~ D8 I really hope her fight with Goku IS one to look forward to desu~.

5- Meh, maybe it's good that we have 2 translators so we don't miss things like this desu~? XD

10- It'd be really cool to see Gokudera or another character fight twice or take someone's place 8o (kinda don't want Tsuna to, mostly because I can't get over Ghost fff desu~). And you're right, the way it's set up SOME kinda twist has to happen desu~. We just have to be patient desu~ c8

If you couldn't tell, the "desu~" thing was a dare fffff desu~ alsoalsoalso CHARIZARD (desu~).

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okay yeah, idk what Amano was thinking. XD

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Yeah, I'm thinking that she must have just put her all into designing the other six Shimon family members, and then come to Lambo's counterpart and been like, " *DRAWS A BLANK*" So she ended up doing a half-assed "well, Lambo is small so I'll make the Shimon guy really fat!" character design and then made them friends without putting any sort of real thought process behind it because hell, no one gives a damn about Lambo anyway.

SO I'M DISAPPOINTED, but it's also understandable. She burned herself out designing Shitt P and Adelheid. XD

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Agreed so much about this. "LESS PLOT MOAR FIGHTINGS!!1" =___=...that must be what is going on in Amano-sensei's mind now, unfortunately.

Which is why I think I might as well stay off of the next few chapters for a while (mostly because I have no more time these days due to midterms and such. Damn October), unless during the few times I can read your posts on the newest chapters. X3 You always find the meaning of amusing people, comrade. :D

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It wouldn't be as big of an issue except that she seems to have completely lost her shounen fight mojo from back in the golden days of the Varia Arc. There hasn't been an interesting fight in KHR in so long now. :/

Heh, I'll keep posting recaps, though, no matter how dull the next few chapters get (and here's hoping Amano might still surprise us; I refuse to believe that anyone who once wrote a fight as badass as Yamamoto vs. Squalo could ever lose that kind of genius completely). If for no other reason than that it serves as a kind of therapy for me when it comes to chapters like this. XD And lol, thanks. ♥

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We are now officially at the point in this arc where I want to poke my eyeballs out. ASJAS;DJASDF THIS FIGHT IS TERRIBLE. I'm hoping that Amano has something so terrifyingly awesome planned for the Gokudera/Shitt P. fight that she just kinda...glossed over this one. And I'm willing to skim over these next couple of chapters just to find out what wonderfully gay memory they will receive from Giotto and Cozart next. XD

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LOL I read the chapter on my cell phone while waiting at the doctor's - or rather, I guessed my way through it since 'reading' is pretty much out of the question on a screen of that size. But when I saw Lambo's new gear I went all 'Huh? What's Genkishi doing there? Isn't he, like, dead?' for a moment. XD Glad to hear that wasn't just my imagination.

I didn't know a 'hoe' was a gardening tool HAHA The only thing I associate with this word really does not belong in a kids manga. But I'm guessing they mean 'pincers'? Maybe? I mean, IDK, this is Reborn! we're talking about. Anything is possible.

Also, I am hanging on purely for the sake of seeing Gokudera's fight which will most likely a) not happen at all because something tragic and *LE GASP* totally unforeseen will get in the way or b) suck because we know how much Dera likes second place. My hope that he will finally pwn dies last.

Amano has officially lost her mind.

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Imagine my horror Makeste, when I eagerly trotted to mangastream to read the latest KHR chappie with great anticipation... only to stumble upon this... this...URGH!


(We're pretty doomed if Amano intends to bestow armour for all Guardians. Hibari fans will go on a rampage. I know I shouldn't say this but I rather have a comatose Yamamoto. At least he is spared from the horrors)

Am utterly disappointed Amano. I don't even noe where to begin - the failed plot, failed armour, utter lameness... As I read on, I was pretty sure that this chapter was meant for Gintama instead of KHR. I'll be damned if the Japanese KHR readers actually endorses this chapter in their weekly JUMP polls.

And for you Makeste, who is usually very forgiving to a lot of plot irregularities that I can't stand, actually voice some sort of disapproval is saying volumes about the plot's epic failness.

M this close to throwing in the towel temporarily till this entire Shimon - Vongola guardian battles are over.

Amano, what were you thinking? WERE YOU EVEN THINKING AT ALL?

Re: Amano has officially lost her mind.

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I rather have a comatose Yamamoto. At least he is spared from the horrors)

I won't be surprised if Yamamoto's body is put into Vongola Tank or Vongola Robot which is powered by Yamamoto's conscious mind. xD
Then he'll life the rest of his manga life inside the robot because he got crippled. xp


Re: Amano has officially lost her mind.

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I was telling Makeste awhile ago that Yama's Vongola Bling would either be (1) a dying will powered hover chair coupled with sword holders and a set of instructional CDs [ hence the feared name "Hovermoto" when Yama flies into battles in future] or (2) a chariot drawn by his dogs

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I would like to see a shounen battle that does not begin with both character charging RIGHT THE FUCK IN in a freaking straight line.

Read Bleach.
or read the parody (

I am tired of this arc too, but unfortunately half of my f-list are hardcore KHR fans. That's why i have to censor bits of my frustration because i don't want to offend them ahahahah (feels pathetic) xDD

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BTW, i agree with you on most points, especially the first one. It would have been much more dramatic and meaningful if the ones who betrays Tsuna are existing characters. It saves Amano-sensei from a lot of trouble creating new characters few people care about... >__>;

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Whoo! I thought it looked Genkishiish too.
Well, it wouldn't be SHOUNEN manga if they didn't do stupid stuff like this. Then again, most manga have stupid stuff like charging at each other in straight lines with the exception of ...what, Death Note?
The problem with KHR is that they drag stuff like this out for CHAPTERS, make us wait a whole week for a few pages of lousy stuff, and then because we're loyal fans we're forced to keep to this torture until the arc ends. (facepalm)

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Ooh, Large. I would have totally forgotten your name if you aren't, you know, large. As for Lambo, I don't think I've ever seen you that much, except for maybe a few pages of tree-climbing Large, so no, I'm not following the supposed sadness of you two having to face off each other in a stag beetle sumo battle. Meh.

Lol at Gokudera's "you can summon the Lightning Bull!", though. As if this show isn't already Pokemon enough.

I think, as with many Shounen series, the kids are sending in a lot of requests for "MORE BATTLE SCENES!" and "NEW WEAPONS!" and "BOOBY NEW CHARACTERS!", so it won't surprise me if Amano has to go with it, really.

I FEAR FOR GOKUDERA, now I really do. Coz he's pretty much next up in the battles, unless Yama miraculously revive from coma and sails over. Gokudera in full body armour IS NOT COOL. Maybe he'll get lucky and er, fall off some cliff before that happens?

Eh, not looking forward to the stag battle next week.

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1. Large is not too loved. Must be with the designs and fans' tendency to choose good looking characters.

2. The fight is EXTREMELY BORING. Lambo does makes funny faces now :D But what the hell is up with that helmet?

3. Yeah Amano kinda fails with the plot/fight thing. If she really wants to put a shonen fight, then do it like the Ring Battles or something. OR AT LEAST SHOW THE CHARACTERS TAKING THE FIGHT MORE SERIOUSLY, DAMMIT.

4. This is not shonen anymore. GOD WHERE IS ENMA? D:

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Lol, I have to quote you on the "fear for deradera"*see my comment above* and WHERE IS ENMA. XD I need some more of him -3-

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No one can get enough of the confection called Enma Kozato :3

[identity profile] 2010-10-26 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm glad to meet someone else who didn't jump on the haters' bandwagon -3-

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I am so pissed off right now since I had the most amazing comment written up only to have my internet cut off. Not something that would usually rock your boat. Anyway,

Welcome back! I don't know why, but now at the end of every week not only do I look forward to the new chapter of KHR I look forward to your posts full of totally rock-your-socks-off awesome logic that actually make a lot of sense and is crazy funny &hearts

Oh, when TYL!Lambo conveniently suffered from truma, in the shape of a big little bump in his lovely mock of black hair, I knew it was something done on perpose, and immediately, I felt sorry for poor Lambo. what the heck he's not real get a grip /cough

You know, you've made a good point. Lambo's not his own man any more in the future, see, it just proves a fine point that when your young and you're surrounded about crazy mafia dudes and you're actually one of them you start to begin to behave like the rest. Tsk, tsk, we have to blame Vongola and it's mess for the bad influence.


Point - he was. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I bet he has unspoken adventures with these people that involve a lot of things people his age shouldn't be doing. I mean, some of it's already been explored.

I like the good news of number 3. It was something that is very true yet I missed, which proves that you have awesome logic.

Actually, Amano is worrying me. She reminds me of Bianchi's poison cooking - put too much of something in it to make something that supposed to sound good actually turn out horrible. Not making sense but ah well, but it keeps me going back to Bakuman, your last comment does. Maybe you're not too familiar about the fandom, but it tells me (doubting the accuracy) that when mangaka's change agents they have to stick with them. The manga is about a manga duo working for Jump. And Amano's with Jump. YEEEEEE.

Sorry for not making sense. :/

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Hah, it's like you can FEEL author interest fluctuating wildly between chapters. Giotto and Cozart? AUTHOR INTERESTED. Lambo and Large fight?

...Well, it has to happen, doesn't it? Plotwise. *Amano yawns* XD

Maybe EVERY SINGLE FIGHT will end in a draw. Maybe they'll all be long, painful, and ultimately pointless, and everyone will be dragged off to jail except for Kaoru, who will sit around twiddling his traitorous thumbs, and Yamamoto, who will eventually have to save the day in a wheelchair/hovercraft that Spanner and Shouichi made him.


...Actually, that could kind of be awesome. I VOTE YES. :D

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Lol technically true...After all he spends almost everyday with them...

I have to agree though, this chapter was more than lacking. At least I got a good laugh at Lambo's Cambino Forma.I WANT MOAR PLOT LESS FIGHTING. There goes part of the potential awesomeness of this arc.