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Not going to spend a lot of time listing the new and improved methods of flaking out that I discovered during this most recent month, but needless to say yet again I am behind on KHR reviews, and this is mostly the fault of work, tumblr, and Skyward Sword (in that order). And to top it off I derped out on NaNoWriMo as well, though I did manage about 12,000 words of fic out of it, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately the fic in question is long enough that it's still like maybe halfway done, if that. But I'm gonna try to get that finished in December anyway because I feel really weird not having posted at least one (non-crack) fic during this whole year. AND HEY WHAT DO YOU KNOW, THERE'S ONLY ONE MONTH LEFT OF SAID YEAR, WHAT IS EVEN UP WITH THAT ANYWAY.

But before that! I've been craving a good meme lately, but the thing about memes is that I keep derping out on them too. And I got to thinking that one of the main reasons for that is because when it comes to typical fandom memes, there are always parts of the meme that I LOVE, but also parts of the meme that FEEL LIKE HOMEWORK. Like for example, I will ramble on endlessly about my favorite characters, but with most fandoms I really do not have an OTP (because in a lot of fandoms I'm either PANSHIP...UAL, or I do have one or two favorite pairings but I'm not HARDCORE SHIP-IT-TILL-I-DIIEEEE enough to have any interesting insights or opinions regarding those ships), and I don't know enough about the online fandom to know what my unpopular opinion regarding the series is, and I don't remember enough about the canon to pick my favorite quote or top three scenes, etc.



Comment with one of my favorite fandoms and I will tell you the following:

1. My favorite character.
2. ANOTHER favorite character!!
3. My favorite character relationship, and by "relationship" I don't necessarily mean pairing and certainly not OTP, but on the other hand, depending on the fandom MAYBE I DO!
4. The moment/character/THING/WHATEVER that first hooked me on the fandom.
5. One of my favorite moments.
6. A song or track that reminds me of this fandom.
7. One miscellaneous awesome thing about the fandom.
8. One completely random thought I have regarding this fandom.
9. One fic/essay rec, fanart, or fanvid that depending on the fandom I either had lovingly bookmarked or saved onto my hard drive, or only just now found during a two-minute Google search.

HMM, that seems like enough questions, I should probably just STOP NOW ALREADY. So anyways, please post some fandoms if you are so inclined and I will GET TO ANSWERING over the next few days or so. :)

P.S. Since I still did not get to the HS question on my last long-since-died-who-am-I-even-trying-to-kid-anymore meme, for this meme HOMESTUCK IS A GIVEN. Meaning YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE TO ASK THAT, I am already typing out my Homestuck response to this meme as we speak, because lol THAT SHIT'S OVERDUE.


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Let's see...Fullmetal Alchemist? I am curious about your FMA thoughts!

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I am hoping it will help me to break my cursed meme streak! o/


1. My favorite character.

Ed. PROBABLY THIS ISN'T MUCH OF A SURPRISE, given that he is yet another one of Gokudera's personality twins! What's this? A teenage genius with a tsundere personality and heaps and buckets of angst? WHY YES, I WILL SIGN UP FOR THIS NEWSLETTER. I am so weak for this kind of character, it's not even funny. XD

2. ANOTHER favorite character!!

Alphonse! I love how sweet Al is, and yet how underneath that he is just amazingly rock-solid strong to the core. It's like. GEE WHIZ THIS KID SURE IS SURPRISINGLY WELL-ADJUSTED FOR HAVING HAD HIS BODY ALCHEMIED AWAY AND REPLACED BY A GIANT SUIT OF ARMOR. He's just like, yeah btw I have angst and a guilt complex too, it's only natural really seeing as my bro and I fucked with things that should not be fucked with and ended up bringing our mom back to life as a zombie body parts gorefest, and then on top of that my brother sacrificed two of his limbs and almost died just so he could save little old me, and now I am stuck in this giant suit of armor and I can't eat or sleep or do any of those normal things people take for granted, and also I kind of have my hands full taking care of my idiot brother who cares and feels way too much, BUT YOU KNOW. I'm not complaining or anything! Just. GOSH, AL. Of all the Jesuses out there he is ONE OF THE JESUSIEST, for sure.

3. My favorite character relationship, and by "relationship" I don't necessarily mean pairing and certainly not OTP, but on the other hand, depending on the fandom MAYBE I DO!

In canon, it's Ed and Al, hands down. But in fandom I have a giant weakness for Parental!Roy/Ed, like to a really embarrassing extent. Because it is a fact that I will leap over metaphorical cliffs and swim across oceans to get my hands on some good, satisfying H/C fic, and if there is any relationship out there that delivers on this in spades, IT'S THIS ONE. Even if like 90% of it is OOC. That made-up statistic probably holds true for pretty much any pairing/relationship in any fandom, anyway.

When it is IC, though, let me tell you, it hits my kinks HARD. Because Ed has daddy issues to begin with, and for all his genius and bravado, he's still just a kid, and is ridiculously young to have been tossed into these circumstances where he and his brother are basically on their own and dealing with war and fucked-up alchemy experiments and batshit bloodthirsty maniacs and all sorts of other things that are bound to fuck up a pair of kids real nice. And while he does have other adults there who do help keep an eye on him (Hughes, Havoc, Izumi... sort of XD), his relationship with Roy is my favorite because Roy of course has a massive pile of issues himself. Plus they also have that awesome snarky this-is-how-we-express-our-feelings-for-each-other-BECAUSE-WE'RE-WINNERS bantering relationship with each other as well, which is also awesome. So yeah, I love it.

4. The moment/character/THING/WHATEVER that first hooked me on the fandom.

The Tucker storyline. To this day, what happened to Nina Tucker remains one of if not THE single most fucked-up thing I've ever seen in a manga or anime. And it happened pretty early on in the series, too, like only a few episodes in. It was just like, WHAM. FMA: WE KNOW DRAMA, and it was just unbelievably horrifying and yet at the same time I was completely engrossed in everything that was happening. So that was the moment that really cemented it for me that holy shit this series is hardcore. Short of anything Clamp does ever, this is just about as angsty as anime/manga gets.

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OR, I could just quickly half-ass the rest of this while trying to remember my answers from before. XDD

5. One of my favorite moments.

I love the flashback to when Ed and Al first started apprenticing under Izumi. HEY SOME KIDS WANT TO BE MY APPRENTICES... I KNOW, I'LL STRAND THEM ON AN ISLAND FOR A MONTH AND HAVE THEM TRY TO SOLVE CRYPTIC RIDDLES WHILE ALSO STRUGGLING TO JUST STAY ALIVE, LOL. Except that of course she was really looking out for them the whole time, and then later on when we found out about her own angsty past (FMA--everyone's got one!) all her reluctance to train these two kids suddenly made sense and looking back on it the whole thing just kind of makes me go T_T. As a bonus, I adore little!Ed and Al, so any scenes involving them are like automatically my favorite, heh.

6. A song or track that reminds me of this fandom.

"Hollow" by Submersed, which is entirely the fault of this awesome, awesome fanvid.

7. One miscellaneous awesome thing about the fandom.

FMA is one of only a few series that I don't get embarrassed about reccing to non-anime fans. Really, the only other two I can think of are Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo. THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE GATEWAY DRUGS. |D

8. One completely random thought I have regarding this fandom.

I've actually only seen the series one time, and it was the first anime only (never got around to reading the manga or watching Brotherhood, much to my shame as I hear tell from countless people that I am missing out on epicness), and that was about 6 or 7 years ago.

And! The thing about most of the fics that I've read is that the vast majority of them are set early-to-mid-series, possibly because the vast majority of fandom struggles with denial over Hughes's death. XD So, as a result of all of this, I have fairly clear memories of everything in the series right up until Hughes dies, and then afterwards my memory is like, "LALALALALA." Like I am so fuzzy on the later details of the story that it's pathetic. And it's not like I lost interest in the series after that point or anything; quite the opposite! But since I haven't seen the anime in so long, and I kind of marathoned the whole thing back when I did watch it, and virtually all of my later canon-reinforcing comes from the aforementioned fics... yeah. TO SUM UP, MAKESTE IS SENILE.

9. One fic/essay rec, fanart, fanvid, or piece of art that depending on the fandom I either had lovingly bookmarked or saved onto my hard drive, or only just now found during a two-minute Google search.

Sadly I've actually lost all my bookmarks to the glut of Roy/Ed genstuff I was rambling about earlier, so I'll just link to another videos. This is one of my favorite AMVs for any series, ever. So much love. <3


hi this is another person come to tell you that you're missing out on awesome

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Although I am restraining myself hugely here, you have no idea. (I also have a giant thing for Roy/Ed genstuff, btw. If you should happen to have any links lying around.)

The manga is THE BEST THING EVER, you would love it. I say this totally unironically, because I really do think Hiromu Arakawa's story is perfect. If you have buttons, IT WILL HIT THEM.

One of the things I love most about it is (unlike the first anime, or so I hear) that if you don't give up, if you refuse to just let bad things slide and you refuse to hurt people, maybe things won't be perfect but you can be happy. Another thing is the large and diverse female cast! And the Ishvalan characters, and the people from Xing, whom I hear do not exist in the first anime. Boo.

I will leave you with a masterpost, two bits of the manga, and a picture of Major General Olivier Armstrong.

Re: hi this is another person come to tell you that you're missing out on awesome

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OH AND ALSO, I meant to say this is a good meme and you should feel good. Totally snagging when I actually have time to answer people's questions again!

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:D Ed is my favorite also. And you should really, really read the manga, because it's just God, WELL-PLOTTED, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, GRATUITOUS AWESOMENESS ALL OVER THE PLACE. All the potential awesome that built up in the first half--ARAKAWA DELIVERED. *giddy just thinking about it*

And it became clear that while Ed is liable to do crazy things in a fit of rage, Al, cool, calm, and collected, is willing to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING if it means saving his brother. ALPHONSE, YOU ARE ACTUALLY QUITE SCARY. I SALUTE YOU.

And the older Ed gets, the more he and Roy turn into bratty siblings. Brattier than Ed and Al ever were. It's AMAZING.

Ed: Stop having a fucking tantrum and burning everything. What is WRONG with you?
Roy: Get the hell out of my way or I'll burn YOU.
Hawkeye: There is nothing to stop me from shooting you both.

:D :D :D

Thanks for the links to the AMVs! Especially that first one, because I found it once years(?) ago and then lost it and couldn't find it again, so YAY!

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You had to hear this sometime.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn. :D

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EDIT: Having rethought this through, I am actually just going to paste the reply for this comment in this post here, since otherwise we would be at four comments thus far and not even a third of the way through the meme questions orz. XDDDD
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GOSH it is good to be able to type out a comment to my own post! It's... liberating.


1. My favorite character.

Karkat. FUNNY THING ABOUT KARKAT--when he was first introduced, I'm pretty sure my exact reaction, almost word-for-word (or well, thought for thought since I didn't actually SAY IT OUT LOUD to my computer screen... at least I think I didn't) was, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!" Because I knew from spoilers that at some point the troll characters were going to have a lengthy introduction, but Hussie had like the cockblockingest timing EVER when it came to actually doing that, and I forget now exactly what was going down with the human kids at that point, but man, was I ever pissed that all of a sudden the story was shifting from them to this other douchebag that NOBODY EVEN CARES ABOUT!!

Anyway, needless to say that changed pretty quickly. Karkat is awesome for a lot of the reasons Gokudera is awesome; this is my favorite character-type, what can I say. He's the ANGRY KID type who is always stressing over shit and flipping the fuck out over bullshit and yet SECRETLY (but not really that secretly) he has a HEART OF GOLD and over the course of the story he overcomes A MECTRIC FUCKTON of TRIALS AND SHIT, and becomes an unexpectedly awesome leader, so awesome that somehow these other 11 trollkids who are BATSHIT FUCKING INSANE all respect him to enough of a degree that they all followed him into battle and glory to SAVE THE WORLD, or technically I suppose to destroy the world and make a whole fucking new world which then also got destroyed (...whoops). Anyway, I love how on the outside he is a surly bundle of rage and determination with the literary grace of a Shakespeare with Tourette's, but on the inside he is really a giant woobie who loves his fellow trolls way too much for his own good, and like cries ALL THE TIME, KARKAT YOU CRY MORE THAN ALL OF THE OTHER CHARACTERS COMBINED, and has SO MANY INSECURITIES that I DON'T EVEN KNOW MAN. IT'S JUST ONE BIG SELF-DOUBTING AND SELF-HATING PARTY ALL UP IN THIS BITCH. Which is like my biggest character kink EVER lol so yeah. Basically, just. KARKAAAAAAAAT. <3

2. ANOTHER favorite character!!

DAVE. Oh man, how do I sum up my love for Dave without going into another long tangent that will result in this reply taking up like five comments. Okay... well, I love Dave because he is the man and he is absolutely every bit as cool as the text is always ironically pointing out, but he's also easily one of the biggest dorks in the whole series. Like, HE IS SUCH A LOSER IN SO MANY WAYS, lol it isn't even funny except IT SO IS hahaha. But he's cool because he is such a loser, weirdly enough, partly because he is enough of a master of irony that he knows that embracing his dorkhood unapologetically is cool in and of itself, and partly because those loserish qualities that he does feel embarrassed about are actually REALLY AWESOME QUALITIES and he is awesome to have them. Like looking up to his brother, or caring about his friends. DAVE, YOU SILLY, THOSE ARE GOOD THINGS TO DO, AND DOING THEM MAKES YOU A GOOD PERSON. You fucking dork you.

And then he is actually cool in non-ironic ways too, like say for example, how EVERY SINGLE WORD, PHRASE, OR SENTENCE THAT HE HAS EVER TYPED ON A KEYBOARD AND/OR BLINKED AT AN AWESOME PAIR OF COMPUTER SHADES IS SOMEHOW THE COOLEST FUCKING WORD, PHRASE, OR SENTENCE THAT HAS EVER BEEN TYPED OR BLINKED. I want a book with just Dave quotes. The sarcastic lowercase ironic wisdom of Dave Strider. That book would be like my fucking Bible. And there's also all of that time-travel shit which is off the fucking hook, and also the swords, of course. CAN'T FORGET THOSE SWORDS.

Basically, just. DAAAAAAAAAVE.

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3. My favorite character relationship, and by "relationship" I don't necessarily mean pairing and certainly not OTP, but on the other hand, depending on the fandom MAYBE I DO!

John and Karkat. Not only do I adore the relationship in general, but I'm also kind of flabbergasted at how brilliantly it's played out over the course of the series. The way that Karkat trolled John backwards through the timeline so that we ended up seeing each of them at different stages in their relationship with each other, because Karkat is retarded like that, and John is just John so you know, he'll just go along with anything. XD Basically this was a relationship that only a series like Homestuck could have brought about, and I'll forever love Hussie for going to town with that time-travel weirdness and using it to develop one of the key relationships in his series in such a unique way.

Regarding the characters themselves, it amuses me to no end that Karkat is like a relationship pro (...SOMEHOW) and yet in spite of that (or maybe because of it), he absolutely can't nail down his feelings for John to save his life, and he keeps trying to put different labels on it and eventually it sneakily turns into a regular old human-style FRIENDSHIP without him ever really being able to understand or process this. And meanwhile John gets it almost right from the start and, once again, just kinda goes with it because he kinda sees right through Karkat's ANGRYKID exterior right from the get-go and is just like haha, Karkat, you are hilarious and you're also a right down decent chap, let's be bros. What I'm trying to say here is, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY I COULD NOT LOVE THIS RELATIONSHIP, okay. It is everything I love, all my hopes and dreams and more.

4. The moment/character/THING/WHATEVER that first hooked me on the fandom.

I was enjoying Homestuck for the lulz for quite a while during the first couple of acts (especially anything that had to do with Dave, it's really almost pathetic how much I am totally topped by basically anything Dave says or does), but I don't think I really sat up and actually took notice until I got to [S] WV: Ascend. That was when my opinion of the series went from "man this series sure is funny and entertaining and occasionally intriguing" to "...SHIT JUST GOT REAL." Right when Dad's handcuffs clicked open. That was the exact moment that it happened.

5. One of my favorite moments.

For this, I'll list one of the first moments that really, really hit me BAM RIGHT IN THE HEART, CRITICAL FUCKING BLOW. There were plenty of times that the series had already made me go "awww" or "D:", but this particular moment was just that special sort of devastating that really is just like, "AW FUCK MAN, LOW BLOW." And the moment in question is about 3 minutes and 15 seconds into [S] Descend, when Dream!John is falling out of the tower and Dream!Jade flies after him trying to wake him up, and the music is getting increasingly urgent, and I realized what was going to happen about two seconds before it actually did, and then BAM, meteor and flashing light and exploding Dreambot, and then cut to John just floating there in the aftermath, and he's finally awake, but Jade is already dead. Let me tell you, man, that was fucking devastating, but it hurt so good. I basically live for moments like that where a series grabs you by the collar and bitchslaps some motherfucking FEELINGS, like "haha, so you thought you could just sit by and be like some spectator chilling out over there and watching these characters go through their hapless adventures? THINK AGAIN. ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU ARE INVESTED IN THIS STORY NOW, AND YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK." Aw yiss.

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6. A song or track that reminds me of this fandom.

Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away

Hey man, looks like the apocalypse is happening whether we like it or not, so we might as well be fucking badasses while it happens.

7. One miscellaneous awesome thing about the fandom.

I love the [S] flash animations so much I can't even put it into words. And just the music in general. It is so fucking awesome that a fictional work that exists primarily in comic and/or text form still has its own soundtrack.

8. One completely random thought I have regarding this fandom.

CONFESSION TIME: I know next to nothing about the Exiles and the Midnight Crew characters (Spades and Snowman and that lot). In the case of the Exiles it's because I honest-to-God KEPT MIXING THEM up and could not for the life of me keep track of who was doing what and WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON and WHO THE FUCK ANYONE WAS. I kept having to go to the wiki to figure it all out. XD And in the case of the Midnight Crew, it's because I may or may not have literally skipped that entire section because at that point I was just like "NOOO, FUCK YOU AND YOUR INCOMPREHENSIBLE PLOTSTUFFS HUSSIE, JUST TAKE ME BACK TO THE KIDS AND TROLLS ALREADY." >_> So I ended up just wikiing the essentials again. Surprisingly this didn't leave me as bewildered when it came to later plot developments as you might expect. Or at least, not really any more bewildered than I generally was already. XD

9. One fic/essay rec, fanart, fanvid, or piece of art that depending on the fandom I either had lovingly bookmarked or saved onto my hard drive, or only just now found during a two-minute Google search.

THERE'S TOO MANY!!!! And I really don't have any recs which everyone else has not already seen or read. Since this is one series where I'm not really fandom-savvy at all and rely almost entirely on other people's own recs to get by.

So in the end, I'm just going to link to this. Because because.

I love this series.

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oh my god someone else also thinks way too hard about Karkat's heart-breaking awesomeness

I loved this! And the thoughts on Karkat's and John's relationship. So many people look at it shipways, and though I do actually like JohnKat, it's refreshing to see someone look at it through the lens of pure friendship.

That said, I am obliged to link you this.
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since fma and khr are taken already, I will go with One Piece!^^

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1. My favorite character.

Sanji! Let's just do a bullet point list of reasons I love him:

  • He is hot.
  • HE COOKS. I love a man who can cook, oh my goodness. (Especially since I CANNOT COOK AT ALL.)
  • He's smart! Probably the most intelligent member of the crew after Robin and Nami. (Actually, didn't Oda actually rank the crew in order of intelligence at some point? But fucked if I remember who ended up where lol.)
  • Elaborating more on the point above, he is always doing this thing where he disappears for a few chapters and then shows up again and it turns out that he was busy doing something off in the background that SAVED EVERYONE'S ASSES while nobody was looking! Like his scheming as Mr. Prince, or his sabotaging Enel's ship, or his opening the gate at Enies Lobby, and so on and so on. He likes to act independently to get shit done, and he's fucking good at it.
  • HE'S A LITTLE BIT RETARDED. But I love him for that too! Like, I know a lot of fans were really irked with Oda's treatment of him early in the most recent arc, but I was just kind of sitting back and loling throughout. I mean jfc, this idiot actually lost so much blood via boobs-induced nosebleeds that HE NEEDED A FUCKING BLOOD TRANSPLANT. THAT ACTUALLY BECAME AN IMPORTANT POINT THAT MOVED THE PLOT FORWARD. That will never not be unimaginably hilarious to me.
  • Lastly, out of all the Strawhats, he's always stuck me as one of the most self-sacrificing. Obviously there's the thing where he is basically Nami and Robin's oh-so-willing MANSERVANT, but he more than does his part to take care of the others as well. As a cook, it's in his job description to keep them all well-fed, and he takes that shit FUCKING SERIOUSLY. And that means that he probably works... well, I don't want to say that he works harder, exactly, but he definitely works the most out of them all except maybe Franky, because his job is basically round the clock. Last but not least, do I even need to mention Thriller Bark? Though he and Zoro were basically competing to be who could be the most self-sacrificing of all, there. XD

2. ANOTHER favorite character!!

SO MANY CHARACTERS! Gonna just pick one at random... Franky! Okay, so it took a while for me to warm up to Franky at first (I remember back when I first read Water 7, I was really hoping at first that Paulie would be the one to join the crew). But he is awesome. I really love his backstory, and while this is weird to say given that he is a half-man-half-robot who runs around in a Speedo all the time, I think he's one of the more well-adjusted characters in the series too. He's got his shit together, he doesn't really angst that much, and when he does, he tends to get a grip pretty fast afterward. He's more mature than most of the other Strawhats, which makes sense because aside from Brook he is the oldest member of the crew. Most of the others, they're still just kids, really, so Franky is kind of the grown-up of the bunch. I think Oda even said he was the dad, with Robin being the mom... I wonder what that makes Brook, since I forgot. THE WEIRD UNCLE...??

Anyway, Franky is hilarious, and completely at ease with himself and who he is, which let me tell you is a RARE, RARE THING in shounen manga, and he's MAN ENOUGH to rock that Speedo like nobody's business, and to cry MANLY TEARS whenever he is emotionally moved by something, and to unironically call everyone his bro, and to keep bottles of cola in his chest cavity, and to STAND IN FRONT OF FUCKING TRAINS like he's fucking Superman or some shit. FUCK YOU, TRAIN, YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. Fuck yeah, this guy.

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3. My favorite character relationship, and by "relationship" I don't necessarily mean pairing and certainly not OTP, but on the other hand, depending on the fandom MAYBE I DO!

Sanji and Zoro. THE MANLIEST RIVALSHIP. I love how they are always coming up with the dumbest competitions, and how they take that shit HELLA FUCKING SERIOUSLY, like it's LIFE OR DEATH, BITCHES. But at the same time they make a great tag team when the situation calls for it, and when they're out there Monster Trio-ing it up along with Luffy, I just feel like eating popcorn and waving a banner for them. Like, YOU GO, GUYS. And because it's One Piece and everyone loves each other, it's not hard to tell that underneath all of the "GRR THIS FUCKING GUY" they are bros and they care about each other, and gosh but I just love it so.

4. The moment/character/THING/WHATEVER that first hooked me on the fandom.

My love for One Piece kind of slowly manifested itself in three stages. The first one was like, "Oh, One Piece! :P" where I was just in it for the comedy and enjoying the ride. And then the second one was "One Piece! :D", around the time that Sanji was introduced and the Baratie Arc happened and Sanji was busy hitting all of my character pings and I was busy falling for him like the sap I am, and also Zoro on top of that was having an awesome showdown (if it can even be called that, it was so one-sided XD) with Mihawk, and I was just like, "man, this is getting good!" And then the third and final stage, which I am still in currently, was "HOLY SHIT ONE PIECE *_*", once the Arlong Arc came along and Nami fucking killed me with her backstory (ALL THE TEARS. ALL OF THEM T_T) and everything just got amazingly epic, and by the end of it all I was just like, "Okay, Oda, fine, I will sign the papers and you can have my fucking soul, just... TREAT IT GENTLY T_T" and that was that, and I have NO REGRETS.

5. One of my favorite moments.

Chapter 513, the end of the Sabaody Archipelago Arc. "On this day, the Straw Hat Pirates... were utterly defeated." This is possibly the most relentlessly devastating chapter of any shounen manga I've read. Watching the crew's reactions as their nakama vanish one by one is heartbreaking. And Oda figures out just the right order to do it in so that we get the maximum angst possible. On top of that, each of the crew members is so goddamn tragically noble in this chapter as they all scramble to protect each other, and with each vanished nakama the attempts get more and more desperate. It is just unbelievably good, and unbelievably sad, and stoic old me, who hardly ever cries at anything (although OP does get me more than most series... WAY TO FUCKING GET ME TO TEAR UP AT A FUNERAL FOR A FUCKING SHIP, ODA YOU BASTARD), was basically just a mess by the time it was just Luffy kneeling their at the end, just utterly broken. "I couldn't even... protect a single Nakama!" ;_____;

6. A song or track that reminds me of this fandom.

"Invincible" by Muse. Opening lines of the song:

Follow through
Make your dreams come true
Don't give up the fight
You will be all right

Ending lines:

And during the struggle
They will pull us down
Please, please let's use this chance to
Turn things around
And tonight we control history
Together we're invincible
Together we're invincible

FUCK YEAH. That is One Piece, right there.
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7. One miscellaneous awesome thing about the fandom.

At first, like a lot of people I suppose, my impressions about Oda's artwork were less than stellar. But then gradually I got to noticing... whenever I'm reading a chapter of One Piece, it feels at last twice as long as a chapter of most any other shounen work. He may not take the time to shade or perfect every detail, but he does fill absolutely each and every space of every panel with as much content as possible. There is so much going on on every page, and of course each page is just littered with speech bubble after speech bubble on top of that. XD Oda just has so much story he wants to tell. You have to love him for that.

8. One completely random thought I have regarding this fandom.

Lol I don't even know. I will say that I am on the edge of my fucking seat waiting to see if Jinbe will actually join Luffy's crew though. 8D

9. One fic/essay rec, fanart, or fanvid that depending on the fandom I either had lovingly bookmarked or saved onto my hard drive, or only just now found during a two-minute Google search.

I'm just going to link some of my favorite Sanji gen recs here.

Once More With Feeling by Aleia15 (angsty time travel epicness... exactly my sort of fic. This is incidentally the only fic in this list that isn't quite gen all the way through (there's some ZoSan here), so do take note)

Starvation Diary # 2 by callosum (awesome genfic, again with plenty of angst (JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT), but also lots of sweet nakama bonding and we're-all-in-this-together...ness. Really true to the spirit of the series in that sense)

Seven Deaths by X-Parrot (pretty sure virtually everyone in the fandom has read this fic, but that still shouldn't preclude it from being recced)

Thirty Days with Sanji by dandy wonderous (your basic 30 day drabble collection, but I enjoyed them a lot)

'Til You Feel it All Around You by Tonko (the best fic in the OP fandom, bar none. Sanji gets enough play for me to include it in a Sanji rec list, but really this is a gen fic in the truest sense, and every single member of the crew gets the spotlight at some point here. If you read any fic in this list, read this one, and if you read any OP fic period, READ THIS)


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Alright, since it's bolded in your profile... Firefly. Because Firefly is ♥ If you don't feel like it, uh... IDK. I was gonna ask for KHR but obviously that's already been taken. XD

Also, may I snag this meme? Because I have similar problems with most fandom memes. :D

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Will comment again with the meme reply, but in the meantime just wanted to say, snag away! ♥

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1. My favorite character.

River. Really, I love her more for her potential as a character than for the character she actually is for the majority of the series. I saw Serenity before I actually saw Firefly, and she is by and large a very different character in the film than in the show. In the series she does have her occasional moments of awesome (NO POWER IN THE 'VERSE CAN STOP ME), but most of the time she's limited to brief angsty scenes with Simon, and quirky little one-liners or moments where she does weird things as like a reminder that "HEY GUYS SHE'S STILL CRAZY!!" In the film, though, she's much more lucid and she really gets to develop as a character, and I just love her; she's terrifyingly strong and painfully fragile all at once, and beautiful either way.

2. ANOTHER favorite character!!

Mal! I love how he is so staunchly "DAMMIT I'M NOT THE GOOD GUY I'M NOT THE HERO" all the time and yet he SO IS TOTALLY A HERO. JERK WITH A HEART OF GOLD. He tries so hard all the time to not caaaare and have feelings~ and fails spectacularly most of the time. He is awesome.

3. My favorite character relationship, and by "relationship" I don't necessarily mean pairing and certainly not OTP, but on the other hand, depending on the fandom MAYBE I DO!

Wash and Zoe. What do you mean, it's possible to have a healthy relationship between an on-screen couple where there is no angst and no WILL THEY GET TOGETHER OR WON'T THEY OH GOOOOOSH and they are just a normal married couple who bicker and fight on occasion but basically just love the shit out of each other and are super happy together, and it's still interesting to watch? LIES YOU SAY? WELL HERE IS THE PROOF.

4. The moment/character/THING/WHATEVER that first hooked me on the fandom.

Honest to God, I was hooked before I ever saw either the series or the film. At one point in the Serenity trailer, they show the exchange between Jayne and Mal where MAL is all "YOU WANNA RUN THE SHIP?" and Jayne is all "YEAH!" and Mal is all uhhhhhh... "...WELL, YOU CAN'T!" And I knew right from that line on that this was destiny.

5. One of my favorite moments.

Mal and Jayne's conversation at the end of Jaynestown, where they talk about heroes and how Mal reckons basically all of them were "one
kind of sommbitch or another" and Jayne is just like helplessly confused and saddened over the whole thing... "Don't make no sense." I love that entire conversation, but what really gets me is how the music in the background is "The Hero of Canton" from earlier in the episode, but a sad, melancholy rendition of it. It's just perfect. All of it. Perfect.

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6. A song or track that reminds me of this fandom.

"100 Years" by Five for Fighting. There used to be a Firefly AMV for this song that was one of my favorites ever, but sadly it looks like it was taken down by 20th Century Fox (sure Fox, go ahead and just take away EVERYTHING I EVER LOVED :|), and I can't find it anywhere. Le sigh.

7. One miscellaneous awesome thing about the fandom.

How utterly quotable it is. I am in love with all of the dialogue and am pretty sure not a day goes by that I don't quote the series or movie at some point. There is just something for every occasion! It's grand.

8. One completely random thought I have regarding this fandom.

The more I muse about Joss's other works, the more I've come to believe that it might actually be a good thing in the end that the series was canceled so soon. We only got 14 episodes, but they were fourteen perfect episodes. Flawless. Joss never got a chance to fuck with the audience and break up characters a and b, and put character c together with character d, and kill off character e, and traumatize character f so hard that they turn into a completely different character, and so on. And if you think about it, the one chance he did get to expand on the canon afterward, he killed off twenty percent of his cast... so yeah. XD

9. One fic/essay rec, fanart, or fanvid that depending on the fandom I either had lovingly bookmarked or saved onto my hard drive, or only just now found during a two-minute Google search.

(yeah okay so it isn't actually fan-created or anything, but on the other hand it is basically my favorite picture ever, so close enough :P)

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Hrm... LJ ate up the email notification for this comment. Bad LJ! Bad!

Aw that is an epically beautiful song! ♥

LOL It's true. There is a Firefly quote for almost every situation.

IDK. I would have liked to see Firefly around for at least another season. I know there's this whole 'Quit while you're ahead' thing but IMO Firefly never even got the chance to get ahead. :( Even though it's like everyone and their dog knows it now. XD It even turns up in other shows. I'm amazed they never thought about picking it back up. But then again... it's FOX. They kill everything we love because they can.

DAMN, LOOK AT ALL THEM BADASS GIRLS. Seriously, Firefly had my all-time favourite female characters. I liked each and every one of them which, sadly, I cannot say about most other shows, not to mention movies. THEY ROCK.

[identity profile] 2011-12-06 10:40 am (UTC)(link)
You absolutely have a point there. River was indeed a slightly different character in the movie than she was in the series. I always reckoned it was because Serenity was set some time after the end of the series which would allow her to settle in somewhat and get more comfy around the crew and what they do. But I could be wrong.

HAHA ALL THE AWARDS FOR MAL. \o/ I adore Nathan Filion for how he portrays these characters. He makes them so charming and likeable even though you're like 'Dude, this guy's an ass WHY THE FUCK DO I LIKE HIM?'. XD

Man, Wash and Zoe are the best EVER. If all on-screen het relationships were like that I would have a lot more fun with some TV shows. <3 Plus, Gina Torres is the biggest BAMF no matter in which series she shows up.

So, basically: ALL THE LOVE.

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Nice meme. 8) Since you didn't do the one I asked last time and I don't know whether or not you will ever feel like it, I will be unoriginal and ask Ace Attorney again.

Then again, it's not bolded and you might STILL not feel like it, so if you'd rather take another: Naruto.

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Er...Durarara!! :D There. I said a good one. :3
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I am curious for your opinions on Avatar, if you feel like giving them. Although I'm also curious for your opinions on most of fandoms mentioned in earlier comments as well, so I'll be eagerly awaiting all your answers.
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[personal profile] way2dawn 2011-12-02 03:58 am (UTC)(link)
His Dark Materials? I feel like this series is so underrated.

[identity profile] 2011-12-02 09:00 am (UTC)(link)
It is. Though personally, I think the second and third books were a lot less good than the first... But His Dark Materials is still a great trilogy.

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can i still play?!!!! I pick Ace Attorney! *looks at comments* DAMN ALREADY*looks again* aww maaan uhhhh well if you do AA for the other lovely asker, can I pick Naruto? ^^;