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Not a huge list or anything, but I feel like this was probably overdue.

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Yeah so I have never been one for journal-switching antics; in the past LJ has served me just fine, and none of its changes have ever really bothered me... until now. I don't mind the look of the redesign at all, but the fact that they got rid of subject-line comments is just like... wtf. People use those all the freaking time. I use those. The RPs and secret-comms that I stalk use those. It's just a major pain in the ass to not have them around.

So... I'm not full-on moving to Dreamwidth just yet, because I'm lazy as fuck, but I'm kinda getting acquainted, just in case? And I'm thinking maybe I won't be so quick to renew my LJ paid account when it expires next month.

Anyway! For reference (mostly my own), my LJ is here. And my tumblr is here! FF.Net account is here, and AO3 is here. I get around. XD I mainly post about Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and on tumblr, occasionally Homestuck as well.

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A.k.a. "How to Kill People with a Bird, a Dog and a Bamboo Sword."

This is mainly just for my own reference, since I'm in the process of trying to write a fic featuring a battle between Yamamoto and Gokudera. But I figured I might as well post it in case anyone else is interested.

(Note: There are a lot of Japanese sword terms under the cut; this is a pretty good translation reference.)

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