Oct. 3rd, 2011

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So, I have been gone for several months! My last post was in July! Hur hur hur. This is what happened: I was busy and I didn't update one week and I was like, "oh, well, I'll just do it next week." And then the next week came along and I was still busy and I was like, "Okay, so I'll do a big triple update the week after this!" And then that week came along and SUDDEN PLOT TWIST, MY COMPUTER DIED. LIFE IS A COMEDY.

Soooooo what this means is that for the last couple of months my only Internet access has been via iPhone, meaning fic and chapter reviews and all that has been put on the backburner because haha you kind of need a keyboard for all that good stuff. So, I'm like... nine chapters behind on KHR? Something like that. Basically.

But this story has a happy ending, because just now today I finally got myself a brand new laptop, this little hellraiser over here, which I am exceedingly pleased with so far. Ignore those two negative reviews because this thing is freaking awesome. I have christened him Watson, and he and I have spent the last two or three hours getting acquainted with one another and he is really quite the charming fellow. We are thinking of getting a new Photoshop together, but due to hypothetical money I may or may not hypothetically want to spend, I am open to any hypothetical suggestions on where one might hypothetically obtain a copy of Photoshop without hypothetically paying... for... the things... and... yeah. >_> ANY SUGGESTIONS ON THIS WOULD BE A+, as I hear tell it's a little more difficult to do these days than it was the last time I was setting up a new computer.

(ETA: Hypothetically [livejournal.com profile] elanor_pam's suggestion worked perfectly, thank you so much! <3)

Last but not least, immediately following this post I will start doing catch-up reviews until I am fully caught up with the most recent KHR once again. Now that I have a sexy fast laptop at last my activity should go up a bit, because that was one of the main things keeping me from being on LJ more frequently. (To explain this a little more: my current laptop is running on an Intel i7 quad core processor with Sandy Bridge and all that shit, and 6 GBs of RAM. HOLLA. Whereas my last computer before this... had 128 MBs of RAM. Yeah. That is not a typo or anything, that is literally all I had to work with. Someday soon I will look back and that and laugh, and then cry just a little bit.) I have been keeping up with the manga and the Arco Arc has been pretty spiffy so far and I am excited about it and I have many OPINIONS which I wish to share with you, friends and neighbors of the Interwebs! Plus I am like dying to write fic again so much it's not even funny, I have no fewer than three giant fics I want to write all at once and I have PLANS, ladies and gents. This may be the first year ever that I end up doing NaNo. We shall see! Obviously I have quite a long history of saying I will do things and then not doing the things, so let's take things easy for now.

Anyway, I missed you all and I am super psyched to be back, HUGS FOR ALL OF YOU. <3 And now I'm off to go find a copy of KHR 247 and type things about it.


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