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Oct. 7th, 2010 02:02 pm
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Now with +5 badtouch and +10 wtf stats! I'm not sure what to make of this!

Especially since I don't even play D&D! )

And welcome to [ profile] mychemical_lust and [ profile] demoerin from the friend meme! I LOOK FORWARD TO MAKING BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES TOGETHER. ♥ BUT NOT IN THE CREEPY JULIE WAY, LET'S JUST BE CLEAR.
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Dudes crashing into walls: comedy gold.

In other news, welcome to [ profile] jesheslove, [ profile] shadowpanzuko, [ profile] smiles1777, [ profile] morgrix, [ profile] steveness2310, [ profile] o0o_faor_o0o, [ profile] waterlemon_chi, and [ profile] masanami from the KHR Friending Meme! IT IS MY GREAT PRIVELEGE TO MEET YOU ALL, and I hope many delightful times are in store. ♥

Now back to waiting apprehensively for the new chapter so I can break down in tears when spoiler events happen.
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First of all, welcome [ profile] starlinglove, [ profile] mibelle26, [ profile] juniormint, [ profile] amcw177, [ profile] saying_sooth, [ profile] snapdraw_gone, and [ profile] makemegray! It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I look forward to much capslocking, fangirling, and general getting-to-know-you-ness in the future. ♥

Second, a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] erisabesu and [ profile] doomcake! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME, I hope you know, and I hope good times were had.

And third, I was looking back at some of the early KHR chapters the other day (because the new arc was filling me with nostalgia), and it occurred to me that by getting in on the reviewing game late, I hadn't really given these chapters their due. So I've decided that before I get to any more of the new chapters, I'm going to go back and review all of the old ones first. IT WILL BE FUN, WE CAN REVISIT THE DAILY LIFE ARC AND MAKE FUN OF AMANO'S WACKY OLD DRAWING STYLE AND STUFF.

Anyway, we've got like a hundred and fifty-odd chapters to go, so we'd better get started. )


Dec. 30th, 2009 12:38 pm
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I've been wanting to do this one ever since [ profile] half_sleeping posted it more than two months ago (looool), but I put it off until this round of Undercover was finally done because I knew I would want to ramble on and on about that fic. XD

Pick a paragraph (or any passage less than 500 words) from any fanfic I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, and anything else that you'd expect to find on a DVD commentary track. (Mostly this probably means I gloat and gloat and *_*)


Also, welcome, [ profile] demoneyeskyo87 and [ profile] smilypie! And Happy Birthday to [ profile] katsumeragi! ♥
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Welcome, [ profile] migi_47, [ profile] melissa_42, [ profile] tsunayoshi, [ profile] ojuzu, [ profile] portrayedas, and [ profile] dismahboomstick! ETA: And welcome also to [ profile] circles9 and [ profile] ranty_rie! It's a pleasure to meet you all, and I hope many Reborny fun times are ahead. |D

So, apparently KHR 272 came out when I wasn't paying attention, even though there wasn't supposed to be a chapter this week! Which is good news, except that it also apparently means we'll have to wait twice as long for the next chapter. So now I'm not quite sure how to feel about this. I suppose it depends on how cliffhangery this chapter is.

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1. Welcome, [ profile] draconianangel! ♥

2. As a general f-list note, I just want to apologize for being even flakier than usual at keeping up with other people's journals lately. I know I don't comment all that often (definitely not as often as I ought to), and I feel guilty. So, yeah... sorry. XD *fail*

3. In case I don't get to say it on the first (because who even knows), Happy Birthday, [ profile] tenchi_no_takai! (And [ profile] rikasaurus, I'm totally gonna finish that Ryohei drabble soon. IT WILL BE FUN TO WRITE. |D)

4. Meme! Two memes, actually. Both snagged from [ profile] part_b:

"Has my portrayal of a character(s) changed the way you think of him/her?"


Give me a fandom and I'll tell you...

Honorable mention(s):
Crack pairing(s):
Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't:

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Welcome to [ profile] part_b, [ profile] kat8cha, [ profile] charpieinuse, [ profile] vaultedthewall, [ profile] ekmisao, [ profile] yukari_rin, [ profile] katsumeragi, and [ profile] mtranc3! Great to meet you all, and I hope many good times are in store. ♥

I would try to come up with/find some getting-to-know-you meme, but there'll be time enough for that later--right now, something even more important has come up.

Namely, KHR 254 SPOILERS. )

ETA: IMPORTANT THING WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS POST: Chapter 2 of Bakudan Bambino (Gokudera's Secret Bullet story) is out! GO READ IT AND LEARN THE SHOCKING DETAILS OF HIS PAST. I am loving this backstory so much.
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Welcome, [ profile] bakabokken, [ profile] creativexwonder, [ profile] thisiscyrene, [ profile] teruame, and [ profile] johanaire! (And while I'm at it, a SOMEWHAT BELATED welcome to [ profile] caddles. XD) ♥ (ETA: And [ profile] erisabesu, too; welcome!) Great to meet you guys; hope to have a lot of fun fangirling with you in the future. :D

While I anticipate the release of Flaming Sword: Yamamoto 2 (This time... it's personal!), which if spoilers are anything to go by will be all sorts of ridiculous, LET'S DO A MUSIC MEME.

Reply to this post and list several of your favorite bands/songs. I will then rec you something to listen to. (If it happens to be a song you already have, or something you don't like, let me know and I will try again! I AM PERSISTENT.)
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NOT COUNTING FICS cuz that doesn't count Give up? Go on, guess!

Soooo, yeah, I kind of just haven't had the energy to post anything or keep up with my f-list much lately (for which I apologize). BUT, I kept up enough to note that I got tagged by [ profile] chibikaya like... a week ago, sob to do that HAPPINESS MEME that's been going around.

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same

Tagging everyone who hasn't done it yet, because I love to read about happy things. <3

As for me, Happy Thing of the Day: My sister (who trains at the same karate dojo that I do) tested for her first black stripe on her brown belt, and passed! And I got to beat her up. 8D IT WAS FUN I'm proud of her and also how often do you have a legitimate excuse to battoru your sibling shounen-retard-style? So I'm sore and tired and happy now. Good tiiimes. (And before anyone can cry abuse, please note that she'll have the opportunity to return the favor in May when I test for my third-degree black belt. XD)

Aaaand, since I also got tagged by [ profile] cleartempest just now, let's make this a green post by doing two memes at once!

A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
B. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

It's a memeful life. )

Also, welcome [ profile] readerofasaph! ♥

Catch-up ranting on KHR chapters will be forthcoming.
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Welcome, [ profile] kyandii_holic, [ profile] lewdness, [ profile] mikenno, and [ profile] talklikeazombie! (ETA: [ profile] dtn and [ profile] escherichiacola, too!) I am still laughing about that Slowpoke comic. sob soamused. XD

And because music memes are my FAVORITE, I snagged this from [ profile] azartti. No instructions on this one, but it was pretty straightforward anyway.

It's shuffle time. )
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And by 'you' I mean 'I'. XD

1. This is late, but Happy Birthday to [ profile] engrave and [ profile] rikasaurus! ♥

2. And, welcome to [ profile] theprerogative and [ profile] vazavati! Great to meet you guys. :)

3. Okay. So by this point, I can't really say that I'm new to Livejournal, but. Occasionally situations still crop up where I find myself wondering what the proper etiquette (I guess?) is around these parts. FOR EXAMPLE: Friend memes! Now, if you post on a friending meme, and someone replies to your post but doesn't explicitly say they want to be friends, do you wait until they do? Or is it just assumed that, seeing as it is a FRIENDING MEME, that their responding to your post means they want to add you? I always wait until people ask, just to play it safe, and in all likelihood I will continue to do so! But all the same, I'm curious.

And... I actually had more questions along a similar vein, but then the Dominos guy came, and I went to get the door (it's Dominos!!) and got PIZZA, and by the time I came back to finish this I had forgotten what I was going to say. So I guess I'll just stick with the one question for now.

Nick Carr was on the Colbert Report the other night and he said something about how the Internet has kind of fucked up people's attention spans. Can't say if that's true or not, but I know I'm sure as hell pretty absent-minded tonight. XD
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IN MY FAIL I forgot to say this in my last post, but welcome, [ profile] mind_tied! I hope we can have many more enjoyable convos about icons and fandom things and whatever else in the future. ♥

Anyway, it's Friday and MEMES ARE CALLING TO ME so I ganked this from [ profile] poisontea:

Name a character (or characters) from one of my fandoms and I'll give you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal canon
(b) a reason he/she sucks
(c) a reason he/she is awesome
(d) five things that never happened to that character and/or
(e) five people that character never fell in love with and why

This meme encourages rambling about fandom and characters! IT IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS. |D

ETA: lol this is fun but WAY more exhausting/time-consuming than I anticipated, so I will get to the rest IN A LITTLE WHILE. sob, it's my own fault for starting with Gokudera.
ETA 2: Okay, I'm finally making some headway now! Six down, four to go. ...or not. XD
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First: KHR friend meme! Welcome to [ profile] xerosis, [ profile] viridianphoenix, [ profile] tenchi_no_takai, [ profile] mandybear27, [ profile] jewel_song, and [ profile] snarkwithasmile! (ETA: And [ profile] cerise_kousai as well!) There's a sort of intro/getting-to-know-you-ish meme here if you guys want; otherwise, it's great to meet you all, and I hope there are MANY FUN DAYS AHEAD.

Now, then, ON TO BUSINESS. I know I'm late to the party with this, but. KHR spoiler pics. I NEED TO DO SOME CAPSLOCKING.

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1. Welcome, [ profile] geostigmania, [ profile] azartti, [ profile] o_melody_nelson, [ profile] chuu, and [ profile] rikasaurus! ♥ (EDIT: And welcome to [ profile] gandolfoogray as well!)

2. Intromeme! STOLEN FROM [ profile] o_melody_nelson; if you want to fill this out that's cool, and if not, THAT IS ALSO COOL.

List of things to be filled out goes here! )

3. Most of my default answers are here, just for the record. \o/
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Welcome to everyone from the KHR Friend Meme. ♥ I'd post an intro/getting-to-know-you-ish meme, but I'm waiting to be tagged on a couple of those already, so I'll do that later. :P

Instead, I AM STEALING THIS FROM [ profile] ricordi:

Give me a [KHR, Naruto, or just about anything listed in my interests] pairing and I'll tell you in 100 words or roundabouts what I think of it.

Depending on what it is, I reserve the right to either rant less or more. ...probably the latter. sob



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