Jul. 23rd, 2011 06:35 pm
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NRGH I have like this list of things to do whenever I have spare time and am near a computer, and it goes like, "POST PICS FROM THE HP71/2 PREMIERE" and "FINISH UP THAT MEME" and "WORK ON UNDERCOVER FIC" and "POST RECAP/REACTION POST FROM NEW CHAPTER" and only one of those things ever seems to get done! XD Well, good progress has also been made on the fic, I suppose, but not soon enough for it to actually be an Undercover fic any more, sadly. I'm still having a lot of fun with that thing, though.

Anyway, time to get to the one thing I can still manage to reliably do on the Internet.

That thing of course being CAPSLOCK. )


Jun. 14th, 2011 07:33 pm
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That post header makes this sound like some sort of KHR diary. Hmm...

Dear Diary,

Today Daemon Spade attacked us. But I could not stop laughing! It was the weirdest thing.

Sincerely, Tsuna

P.S. Enma smiled at me today! My heart felt like it was made of butterflies. )
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Due to a combination of work/family/holidays/what-have-you keeping you busy and you also being kind of a LAZY ASS in general, and also that one insanely addictive webcomic you went and got yourself addicted to in the spare time you do have, you masterfully put off updating your LJ for several weeks like a winner! GOOD JOB, CHAMP. (But at least you finally got that promotion at work so that was kind of cool.)

REGARDLESS! It occurs to you in a moment of holy-shit-what that you have not made a post in your journal since fucking April. Fucking April SEVENTEENTH. Seriously, did you just forget the Internet even existed?? That is twenty-four fucking days that passed where you did not even log in to your journal. If you weren't so busy now furiously rushing to post stupid meta-updates, you would take a moment to go hang your head in shame somewhere.

Sadly, there is no time for that. KHR 336 is already on the horizon, and unless you really want to cross that unspoken invisible line and post a triple-chapter recap (MADNESS), you know what it is that you must do.

> Makeste: Review the last two chapters already. )

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That's actually a typo up there, I don't want to mislead anyone. It's not actually chapter three billion two hundred fifty-five million, five hundred fifty-five thousand five hundred and fifty five. It's just 325.

I got a little excited, is all.

SO MANY SPOILERS beneath this cut btw! )

omg omg

Feb. 3rd, 2011 10:02 pm
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I spent all day waiting to sit down and read this chapter. I haven't even looked at my flist in like 24 hours out of fear that I might be inadvertently spoiled. *PARANOID*


KHR 324! )
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So, after last week's translation issues (oh Spade, why does everything that comes out of your mouth cause trouble?), I was going to wait until IEM released KHR 323 instead of going with MS/BT's version again. But wouldn't you know it, here it is, 8 p.m. on a Sunday night and still no sign of it! So I will just go ahead and bite the bullet, because like hell if I have the willpower to wait another whole day to read this.


ETA: Also, Happy Birthday to [ profile] caddles, [ profile] jote_jote, [ profile] daigranon, and [ profile] makemegray! ♥
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Which is a good thing, since if you don't guess then I don't have to confirm that it is the High School Musical 3 soundtrack, and that I am only partly enjoying it ironically. So don't guess!

Oh and hey KHR 321 is out!

Well, Binktopia's version is out! Close enough! )

Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] nonoji and [ profile] calciseptine! And Happy Birthday to [ profile] bearit tomorrow (and [ profile] felinaofl2 on the 17th)! Much ♥ to you all!


Dec. 19th, 2010 01:28 pm
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That's 11 times 29!

And it's also the number of the latest KHR chapter! How weird is that? )

On a separate note, it's still a couple of weeks till New Year's but I've already decided that I'm going to make it one of my resolutions to be more consistent about comment replies. I've gotten so bad in the past few months, it's ridiculous. I just let everything pile up and then I get all discouraged whenever I log in because there's so much to get to and I don't have the energy to do it all but then I feel like an ass for just ignoring people, especially since you guys are all so awesome and leave detailed comments that point out stuff I hadn't noticed and raise really interesting points that I want to discuss. But I just get lazy and intimidated. ;;

So my new goal is to get to at least 3 comments a day, since I figure even someone as lazy as I am can't possible be intimidated by that many! START SMALL AND WORK MY WAY UP. That's the new plan. XDb
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And another day of logging in and seeing this:

I have decided this is what I will be devoting my weekend to. I AM GOING TO DEMOLISH THAT NUMBER PIECE BY PIECE.

But in the meantime...

KHR 306, now with 50% more Naruto references! )

And happy belated birthday to [ profile] achiasa, [ profile] masanami, and [ profile] draconianangel! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU. <3
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By now everyone's probably heard about OneManga shutting down. I'M NOT REALLY WORRIED, since scanlators have been doing their thing since way before OM and its ilk became popular (even in the worst case scenario, they could just go back to distributing new chapters over IRC like in the olden days), buuuut I am kind of ORZ WHYYYY about it because I'm going to have to edit out all the links in my old chapter write-ups. And then the odds are good that whatever links I edit in will eventually go down as well. SO IT BEGINS... THE GREAT BATTLE OF OUR TIME.

Really, I'm just waiting for the manga industry to finally catch on to the fact that online scans are THE WAY OF THE FUTURE!, and set up a subscription or ad-supported site (or maybe like an iTunes sort of thing) where fans could read new chapters legally without having to wait months for them to be released in their own countries (if the series are even licensed where they live in the first place). Until then, whatever.

ANYWAY, I SHOULD SHUT UP AND START BABBLING ABOUT KHR 299 NOW. Ignore the contradiction there.

Just one more week until the big three-double-oh. )
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So there's a meme going around that tells you which of the nine Enneagram personality types you are (I'm a 5, myself), and I was like, "Hey, these things look familiar." Then I remembered that two years ago, I had started an essay-thing discussing the Enneagram types of Tsuna and the Vongola guardians. Only I never managed to solidly pin down Hibari, or Mukuro; I did choose types for them, but I wasn't as sure of them as I'd have liked to be. And so I never really finished that post; it always felt a little incomplete.

Happily, I had too much spare time on my hands today, so I've gone back and dusted it off. :D

Cut for giant walls of text in which I scientifically analyze a bunch of fictional characters. )

Pretty soon I'll stop procrastinating and get to the rest of the comments on my last post, too; sorry guys. XD And speaking of procrastination/being late, Happy Birthday to [ profile] vazavati and [ profile] rodickparker!
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Pathetic, I know, but I couldn't help it when I was waiting on the edge of my seat for updates on the last chapter's dire circumstances.

Although if anything, the updates turned out to be even more dire. :( )

Also, I would like to use this opportunity to pass along birthday wishes to [ profile] mibelle26, [ profile] lampazo_libre, [ profile] fuchi_conejo, and [ profile] viridianphoenix, despite the fact that only one of these wishes is actually on time. Sorry. XD But Happy Birthday, guys! ♥
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BIRTHDAYS I HAVE MISSED: [ profile] creativexwonder's and [ profile] half_sleeping's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GUYS; I HOPE THEY WERE GOOD. I haven't even checked my flist in a week, sob.

And then there are a bunch of comments I need to catch up on (sorry XD). And some memes. And also KHR 285.

In which nothing much happens aside from a fight, Tarzan, and Shitt P. being Shitt P. )
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Sob would you just look at this KHR addict who can't even keep her April Fool's thing going for one day. XD SO YEAH, I AM STILL DOING THIS WEEK'S CHAPTER (like I could stay away from Adelheid), and the Retrospective KHR Theatre was sadly a one-time-only thing... FOR NOW. MAYBE. Or maybe not because actually it was kinda fun, hmm.

Anyway, chapter 284 beckons!



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